Kwara State University’s Courses: See Full List Here

Kwara State University is one of the state-owned and funded universities in Nigeria. The institution is stationed at Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria. Like many of its counterpart universities in Nigeria, this citadel of academic learning has role out many graduates among whom are famous people in Nigeria. As an indigenous university, KWASU places high relevance on research, collaborating with many universities within and outside the shores of Nigeria to realize this aim. The University offers nearly 44 courses that cut across many faculties. In this article, we reveal Kwara State University’s Courses to help you find out if your course of choice is available at the institution.

Kwara State University Campus

Apart from its main campus at Malete, the University has two additional campuses with one at Ilesha-Baruba, and another at Osi-Opin, all within Kwara State.

Kwara State University’s Courses per Campus

Malete Campus

College of Education

College of Pure and Applied Sciences

College of Information and Communication Technology

Ilesha-Baruba Campus

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

Osi-Opin Campus

College of Humanities

College of Engineering

College of Management

College of Social Sciences

The above were the campuses and faculties the university began with. However, more faculties and departments followed later as the university grew. This post looks at the Kwara State University’s Courses.

List of Kwara State University’s Courses

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Christian Studies

Department of Linguistics

Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Department of French

Faculty of Administration

Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

Department of Accounting

Department of Banking and Finance

Department of Business Administration

Department of Public Administration

Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

Department of Food Science and Technology

Department of Crop Production

Department of Agricultural economics and Extension Service

Department of Animal Production, Fisheries & Aquaculture

Faculty of Education

Department of Special Education

Department of Human Kinetics

Department of English Language

Department of Library and Information Science

Department of Education and Science

Department of Early Childhood and primary education

Department of Business Education

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Aeronautic and Astronautical Engineering

Faculty of law

Department of Common and Islamic law

Department of Common Law

Faculty of Sciences

Department of Zoology

Department of Statistics

Department of Public Health science

Department of Physics,

Department of Microbiology

Department of Plant and Environmental Biology

Department of Medical Laboratory sciences

Department of Mathematics

Department of Industrial Chemistry

Department of Geology and Mineral science

Department of Computer Science

Department of Chemistry

Department of Biochemistry

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Sociology

Department of Geography

Department of Political Science and Administration

Department of Economics

Department of Mass Communication

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Kwara State University’s Courses

Okay! Those are the Kwara State University’s courses full list. You can also read check out the KWASU school fees here as well. Or, you can visit the university’s official portal for other information.

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