Latest NPC Recruitment News For Today Tuesday 10th January 2023

A lot of people who applied for the National Population Commission (NPC) Ad hoc Staff Recruitment are complaining that their application status is still “pending”. We wish to inform them that there is no cause for alarm as the process is still ongoing. They should calm down, only those applied as Facilitators and Specialise Workforce have been approved so far.

Kindly note that those who applied for supervisors, enumerators, Quality Assurance Officer, etc. are yet to be approved or their application is still under review – reason their application status is showing “pending”.

The NPC recruitment team is likely to start approving other positions by tomorrow morning. You will start receiving approval messages latest from Thursday.

According to information trending online, the NPC said;

“Yes, there are some that aren’t approved but received mail to start the virtual training online. Some got approved but didn’t receive the mail yet. Some got approved as well get the mail.

“Those that start the virtual training without being approved will be approved. Because we still are in the process of approving the Facilitators and the specialise workforce .”

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