Latest Update On Nexit Training Date (Npower)

In today’s Npower Nexit Training News, we’ll address some of the questions you’ve been asking about Nexit training, as well as the specific date set for it.

The Nexit training reality is that the shortlisted candidates’ training availability is still being confirmed. Despite the fact that the training is set to begin in February 2022, no specific date has been set.

The Nexit option is still accessible on the NSIP service code, and Npower batch A and B recipients who haven’t checked their training progress can do so by dialing the code *45665#.

The training location is currently unknown; it could be virtual or physical training. All of this has yet to be specified by management, and we anticipate that all of this will be known by the conclusion of training confirmation.

A confirmation pop-up message states: For those of you who are wondering about the distinctions between the Nexit training and the Nexit training, a confirmation pop-up message states: (You have successfully confirmed your availability or please confirm you have been shortlisted).

The difference is that when you check your training status, you get the message: Please confirm you have been shortlisted, however when you confirm availability, you get the message: You have successfully verified your availability.

Source: Nyscinfo

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