List Of Ongoing Scholarships Opportunities To Apply For In Canada

We’ve put up a list of available scholarships for you to study in Canada in February and March 2022. These full and partial scholarships are provided by some of the country’s best universities.

The scholarship options listed below will close in January/February 2020, as specified. As a result, now is the optimum time to apply.

1. 2022 St. Lawrence College Entrance Scholarships For African Students

The grant is part of a University of Calgary scholarship program designed to help outstanding international students enroll in graduate programs. The university is one of Canada’s best-known public universities. It is an academic and research center of distinction. All graduate students from across the world are eligible to apply for the Graduate Entrance Awards at the University of Calgary, Canada 2021.

2. Graduate Entrance Awards At The University Of Calgary, Canada 2021

In Canada, applicants from any country are entitled to apply for this diploma degree award. Students enrolled in a diploma program at St. Lawrence College will be eligible to apply for this scholarship and will earn CA$2,000 towards their program fees. St. Lawrence College is a College of Applied Arts and Technology that is placed 54th in the Best Colleges in National Liberal Arts Colleges for 2021.

3. 2022 University Of British Columbia (UBC) Entrance Scholarship For International Students

The University of British Columbia (UBC) honors excellent students from around the world with more than $30 million in awards, scholarships, and other types of financial support for international undergraduate students each year.

4. 2022 University Of Alberta General Undergraduate Scholarship (7 Openings)

One in every five first-year students will receive a scholarship from the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta gives $34 million in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and financial support to all types of students each year, whether they are academic achievers, community leaders, or well-rounded students.

5. Dalhousie University International Scholarships, Canada

With over 18,100 foreign students, Dalhousie University is one of the most hospitable universities in North America. Furthermore, Dalhousie is one of Canada’s top research universities, with students having the opportunity to collaborate directly with world-class faculty in a variety of subjects to do more than $180 million in research each year.

6. Ted Rogers MBA Black Graduate Leadership Awards, Canada

Ryerson University welcomes excellent students from all over the world and provides the greatest education and services to help them achieve in their professional lives, with 45,000 students from over 146 countries.

7. International Entrance Awards At York University In Canada 2022

York University is a leading global teaching and research institution as well as a catalyst for positive change. They are training their scholars for long-term career and individual success, guided by a welcoming and diverse community with a distinct worldwide viewpoint. They are working together to make things better for communities, the earth, and the future.

8. University Of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards, Canada

The University of Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities, with great facilities that help students learn and discover new things. The institution is well-known for its contributions to a more sustainable future by addressing critical concerns in areas where it has unique and emerging strengths.

9.Confederation College Thunder Bay International Scholarships, CANADA 2022/2023

Confederation College enrolls around 3400 full-time post-secondary students, 370 interns, 550 senior education students, 4205 part-time post-secondary students, and thousands of students in continuous learning programs each year. A large number of native students and a growing foreign student community make up the student population.

Source: Nyscinfo

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