Leap Africa 2022 YPD Program For Nigerians

The Leap Africa Young Professional Development Programme aims to create young leaders in Africa’s development sector. It is intended to provide recent graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and training to help them advance their careers, professional potential, and global visibility. In the end, the individual’s whole potential is realized.

This program is one of LEAP Africa’s most innovative initiatives, and it is completely focused on honing the skills of recent graduates. It is a well-structured 12-month on-the-job training experience following NYSC, complete with hands-on supervisory guidance, which develops the young graduate’s main talents and equips them with the ability to make a meaningful and lasting effect in communities across Africa. As a result, this curriculum will bridge the skills gap between classroom learning and practical real-world application.

About LEAP Africa

LEAP Africa is a youth-focused leadership development NGO with a purpose to inspire, empower, and equip a new generation of leaders with the skills and resources they need to transform themselves, their organizations, and their communities. Its youth interventions fill gaps in effective leadership, education, employment, and entrepreneurship, as well as encouraging citizens to demand good government and creatively address social concerns. The vision of is to be known as the leading resource center for creating creative, inventive, and principled leaders who will drive Africa’s full potential realized.

Leap Africa encourages young Africans to adopt a value-based leadership approach in order to solve challenges and enhance the lives of others in their communities.

Leap Africa Young Goals and Benefits

  • A big learning culture
  • Working on impactful projects
  • An opportunity to work with innovative minds!
  • Crossbreed and flexible working conditions
  • Chance for a full time employment
  • Yearly Telephone and Data Allowance
  • Yearly Life and Personal Accident Insurance

Leap Africa Young Professional Development Program Requirements Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in science from an approved university is required.
  • Must have completed NYSC and have no more than two years of employment experience.
  • It hasn’t been more than 27 years.
  • Candidates must be based in Lagos and willing to work for LEAP Africa for a period of 12 months.
  • A person with a strong commitment to social change and a history of volunteering is a plus.
  • Rather than accepting the present quo, innovation is encouraged.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to succeed.
  • Participation in extracurricular activities at school or in the community is a plus.

How to Apply

Are you both interested and qualified? To apply, visit LEAP Africa.

Click here for additional information.

Source: Nyscinfo

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