Lecturers, Professors’ Salary Structure in Nigeria

Nigerians believe that Associate Professors do not earn what they are worth, and that Lecturers and Professors are underpaid. Therefore, in this article, we publish the salaries of lecturers, lecturers II, professors, and other workers in Nigerian universities on nyscinfo. This is to ensure that, as usual, we bring you up to speed with important and verifiable information across Nigeria. In this post, we will explore the Lecturers, Professors’ Salary Structure in Nigeria.

So let’s take a closer look at what they make so you can make an informed decision about the situation.

Nigerian Lecturers’ Monthly Salaries

  1. Lecturer II: Earns between N137,459 and N164,970 per month.
  2. Lecturer I: Makes between N173,333 and N223,668 per month.
  3. Senior Lecturer: Earns between N257,625 and N371,292 per month.
  4. Reader: Earns between N314,081 and N417,063 per month.
  5. Professor: Earns between N381,695 and N501,680 per month.
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Nigerian Lecturers’ Annual Salaries

  1. Lecturer II: makes between N1,649,509 and N1,979,640 per year.

  2. Lecturer I: gets paid between N2,079,996 and N2,684,010 every year.

  3. Senior Lecturers: make between N3,091,505 and N4,455,506 per year.

  4. Reader: makes between N3,768,221 and N5,004,750 Naira per year.

  5. A Nigerian professor: makes between N4,580,349 and N6,020,163 per year.

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A Nigerian Professor gets paid significantly more than the rest, as can be seen from the salaries of professors in Nigeria above. Only a few civil workers’ salaries in Nigeria come close to matching that. It’s no surprise that graduates in Nigeria are competing for lecturing positions. Private universities, on the other hand, pay more than state and federal universities.

This isn’t to say that working as a lecturer in a Nigerian institution isn’t demanding. The job necessitates dedication, hard work, sacrifice, and discipline. Despite the fact that professors are given a large salary, they still take sabbatical leave, which allows them to work for other universities on a contract basis.

Candidates who want to apply for a job at any Nigerian university are always curious about how much every lecturer or professor makes.

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Source: Nyscinfo

Updated: September 7, 2021 — 9:56 am

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