Nigerians React To Ongoing FRSC Recruitment Screening

Many Nigerians who applied for the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) recruitment in July 2021 have reacted to the secret commencement of the screening exercise, accusing FRSC of being secretive and bias in the process.

FRSC, on Monday, September 6, 2021, started screening of candidates that applied for both graduates and nongraduates recruitment into the commission, but some applicants complained that they were neither notified about the screening nor invited.

They expressed concern over the ongoing FRSC screening, noting that what is more shocking is the fact that many applicants do not know that the screening has commenced.

Below are some of the reactions:

Edisco Paragon says:
“Country is a Mirage…
A country that the Hope of the people had been Lost…Imagine scheduling a screening exercise that was not properly announce…
And it caused many people not to make it to the venue …And even some of us that Went for the screening In Abuja at Government secondary school Wuse Zone 3, were not allowed to enter for the Screening Because we could not present our notification message at the Gate.
They only send messages to their aloted candidate and left the others to suffer in Frustration. God will judge our Leaders….
Corruption in every where…
May God help us all..”

M Scool Baba Says:
“I tell you my brother, I saw alot of youths complaining on my way back to Abuja in the car this evening I was shock, some Said they have enter night bus from Kano to their State kogi, others from Lagos inorder to Meetup with the screening exercise, only to be frustrated at the gate because of special slot from senators leaving them unattended, it such a pity.”

Ayegba Omalabo Moses Says:
“My brother it’s so unacceptable. I applied for the FRSC too but I later thought on the way round, I just loose be interest in it because of such scenario that have happend today. May God help us in this country.”

Bashir Adamu Gadau says:
“Screening without shortlist, is only Nigeria such things happening, majority of those that receive invitations latter are candidates of politicians.”

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Source: Nyscinfo

2 thoughts on “Nigerians React To Ongoing FRSC Recruitment Screening”

  1. Adagashi Yohanna Azetu

    Yesterday I was so flabagasted when I reached to the venue of the screening of the federal road safety recruitment exercise at shadawankka barrack Bauchi, Bauchi state, we candidates that did not received an invitation email from the FRSC commission were stop at the gate nobody attended to us but only 8 candidate out of thousands candidate that received an invitation email were attended to by FRSC recruitment committee, then why subjecting Nigeria graduates to suffering and spending for nothing, they could have stated in the information clearly that if u did not receive an invitation email u should no go for the screening but they delibrately allow us to went for the screening while knowing that those that have godfather have already been invited for the screening. This country only God can help a common Man.

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