List of Best Digital Banks In Nigeria

Digital banking is the fast growing system of banking in Nigeria, with many bank customers seeing it as the future of banking. Here we shall look at the list of best digital banks in Nigeria. Also check top 10 highest salary paying banks in Nigeria.

By digital we mean a form of banking that does not have a physical structure anywhere for people to walk into, yet performs banking transactions in the same manner as the traditional banks that we all know of. For most of the digital banks that we have around, people can bank for free, yes, you can bank without being charged for the bank transactions you carried out. No charges for transaction alerts, no charges for issuance of debit card and no card maintenance charges.

If you are tired of the constant arbitrary charges of the traditional banks, this article is for you. We will run you through some of the digital banks that offers fantastic banking experience that will make you quit your traditional bank.

Best digital banks in nigeria

Below are the top digital banks in nigeria:


Kuda bank is one of the leading digital banks in Nigeria. Known and loved by its customers for offering flexible banking experience, this bank was established by two young Nigerians with the aim to transform the banking sector in Nigeria. This bank has tools that helps you track your spending habits, save more, and make the right money moves.


The bank has the following features:

  • Free debit cards.
  • Free withdrawals at all ATMs in Nigeria.
  • 15% annual interest rates on savings.
  • No paperwork opening account.


VFD Microfinance Bank offers great banking services at zero cost on transactions. Free account maintenance, monthly interest on savings, swift and secure transfers, withdrawals, and bill payments.

The bank has the following features:

  • Instant account opening without documents.
  • Fingerprint authorization
  • Order debit cards from the apps.
  • USSD banking service available.
  • Easy bill payments on the app.
  • Target savings with 8% interest rate.


MyMintApp is another digital bank that offers great services. Some of the benefits its customers enjoy includes: convenience, speed, online real-time access, security of transactions.

With Mint App you can do SME Banking, Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Internet Banking (Electronic Banking), Current Account Opening, Savings Account Opening, Business Services, Loans


Rubies is a digital bank gives you a wonderful experience in digital banking in Nigeria. The bank offers 100% online based services that prevent customers from experiencing stress. One of the beautiful things about this bank is that, you can decide what your account number looks like.

The bank has the following features:

  • No maintenance fees.
  • Free Debit Cards, with free delivery.
  • Referral bonuses.
  • Customizable Account
  • Proximity Transfer


ALAT is pioneering digital bank in Nigeria. Owned by Wema Bank, this bank is designed to assist customers do more with their monies. Like all the other banks in this category, you do not need to visit any physical building to be able to carry out banking transactions. Alat has over 500,000 downloads on Play Store, showing it is indeed a bank that has found its way to the hearts of people in Nigeria

The bank has the following features:

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