List Of Best Habit Tracking Apps For iOS For 2023

Our lives are constructed by our habits. The habits we have influence who we are and what we do. Because of this, it’s crucial to create healthy behaviors and eliminate harmful ones. The good news is that you can accomplish it quickly and amusingly by using an app rather than doing it manually. The Apple App Store is full of tools for tracking your habits. They are discussed in this article:

1. Productive

Productive is a great software for keeping track of routines. It has an impressive interface and strong functionality. You can only track up to five habits with the productive free version. You have the option of choosing from pre-made habits or making your own. Swipe habits to the right to mark them. Swiping them to the left will enable you to skip them. The streaks won’t be broken and will be maintained by the skipping feature. It won’t, however, label the task as finished. You can set the Boost feature of the app to remind you of a habit every half-hour.

2. Streaks

Another habit-tracking tool that supports habit monitoring is Streaks. Simple and intuitive to use, the iOS app. The concept of Streaks is to develop a habit streak steadily. You may easily track daily, weekly, and monthly habits with the app. Start by tapping the huge Add Task icon, which will bring up predefined options which you may choose from. You can also develop your own unique routine. The habits can be programmed to be due on a specific day(s) each week or month, or they can be repeated.

3. Strides

One of the top goal-tracking applications makes strides. The versatile goal tracker offers four different tracker kinds to fit your preferences. You can monitor the development of new habits or the letting go of established ones. You can set goals with time constraints. You can also establish Averages to track your advancement toward a certain objective. You can set milestones using Project, which includes sliders, dates, and a pace for the milestones. It includes a great dashboard that provides a quick overview of all your objectives and routines.

4. Habitica

Not your typical habit tracking software, Habitica. You may create habits using this software in the style of old-school 8-bit video games. Although you have the opportunity to set daily and weekly goals, Habitica allows you to track them in the style of a game. Your character gets stronger as you form habits or accomplish your goals, and it gets weaker if you falter. If business is booming, you can equip your character with greater armor and weaponry.

5. Way Of Life

Way of Life is the app for you if you enjoy seeing your data statistically displayed and want to monitor your progress during presentations. Simply choose a desired action and indicate whether it will be a good or negative action to get started. Following that, you’ll start getting daily reminders to check if your goals have been attained or not. You’ll start to see bar charts, chains, and trend lines that will show you your progress once the program gets enough information from you to do so.

Final Thought

It’s crucial that we keep track of the habits we develop and hold ourselves responsible. An enjoyable method of responsibility is provided by using a habit tracker. We sincerely hope this was useful. If you did, please do so in a comment and don’t forget to spread the word.

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