List Of Best Taxi Apps To Download In Nigeria 2022

The taxi sector in Nigeria is growing, thanks to the introduction of a slew of new Taxi Apps that make it easy to go about the country without breaking the budget. Commuting in Nigeria has been lot easier, less expensive, and even safer since the introduction of Taxi Apps. Here are 5 of Nigeria’s most popular taxi apps right now.

1. Taxi Rideme

Rideme Taxi is a Nigerian ridesharing company that was founded in 2018. Users can plan, track, and pay for their taxi travel using the app, which is available for both Android and iOS. There is also a “Female-for-Female” service option in this app. This means that female riders who have been authenticated can choose female drivers to drive them. In addition, in the event of an emergency, there is an Alarm feature.

2. Bolt

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is Uber’s main African competitor, and it has a good reputation for being user-friendly and affordable. The app includes GPS tracking and client support over many platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The rating system is quite useful; all you have to do is give your driver a one-to-five star rating at the end of each voyage. Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Jos, and Port Harcourt are currently served by Bolt. You can use Facebook or your email address to create an account.

3. Uber

Uber’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly in Lagos and Abuja. The service offers a variety of additional perks, making it an excellent choice for those looking to hail a cab. It is especially popular because of its simple user interface, which lets you know exactly where your cab is using GPS and how far away your ride is from you. Since its debut in Nigeria in 2014, it has grown in popularity in a number of Nigerian cities. Users can also pay for their trips with cash or a credit card.

4. inDriver

InDriver is without a doubt one of the most convenient ways to get about Nigeria’s major cities. If you require a taxi, look no further—you can summon one using your smartphone and be picked up quickly by courteous drivers who are glad to transport you wherever you require. There are no hidden fees or charges, and all you have to do is open your app and swipe when you need a ride! The best part is that there is no need to be concerned about driving while inebriated because all inDriver drivers must pass a background check.

5. Rida

Rida is a mobile app that connects you with local taxi drivers, allowing you to get a trip whenever and wherever you choose. Rida, on the other hand, goes much further: it allows users to track all cabs on their routes and discover unoccupied taxis in real time. Before you start your journey, you can even haggle with the driver. Rida can be used to plan trips from one Nigerian state to another. Former Uber employees from Russia and Armenia created the Rida app.


Apps have unquestionably altered the way we live our lives, including how we get around. If you need a ride, use Uber or one of these cab applications.

Source: Nyscinfo

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