List of European Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship

Acquiring citizenship in another country is, realistically, beyond patriotism. It has to do with the reality of your circumstance; hence, where a person was at a certain time or in a given situation determined the answer he proposed. If you are interested in taking up dual citizenship in a European country, this article will guide your decision-making process, as it focuses on the list of European countries that all dual citizenship to individuals who seek to have it.

List of European Countries That Allow Du Citizenship


Denmark, a Scandinavian country, allows dual citizenship. The new Nationality Act, which went into effect on September 1, 2015, allows several persons to reclaim their Danish citizenship and to apply for another citizenship. Denmark actually allows citizenship without limits or losing one’s original citizenship.


France is a country that not only accepts dual citizenship but also encourages people to have many passports. After a few years of legal residency in France, a legal resident may petition for citizenship without losing his citizenship of the country from which he came.

Czech Republic

When she was part of the larger Czechoslovakia, this country in East Europe did not believe in dual citizenship; however, after her entry into the European Union and the find it difficult to meet Union policies, the Czech Republic now allows dual citizenship in order to comply with the pattern and happening in the European Union. The attractiveness of the new system is that individuals who had it taken away under the previous system can now reclaim it.


Dual citizenship is permitted in this Mediterranean Sea island nation. Cyprus has no choice but to support dual citizenship in order to achieve her specified objectives, given her location, the North Cyprus crisis, her strong ties to Greece, and, most crucially, her economic citizenship program.


Citizens of Finland have been permitted dual citizenship since 2003. After a few years of lawful residency in Finland, a person can apply for citizenship, and the legislation allows them to keep their previous passport or citizenship from another nation. Check out 5 countries to get second passport easily.


Dual citizenship is permitted in this Mediterranean island republic located south of Italy and a member of the European Union. Before it was placed on hold, Malta was one of the countries that practiced citizenship by investment (you can become a citizen for one million dollars). Malta accepts dual citizenship.


This European country previously prohibited dual citizenship; however, in 2001, the system was altered, allowing Swedish citizens to gain citizenship in another country. A foreigner who is legally living in Sweden can also seek for citizenship without losing his previous passport.


Dual citizenship is permitted in this Central European country. A one-of-a-kind country, with about 60% of its population living outside of Switzerland. It doesn’t have a choice but to permit dual citizenship. A foreigner who has earned Swiss citizenship may keep the citizenship of his original foundation.


This country in the Iberian Peninsula offers dual citizenship. The quickest way to become a Portuguese citizen is to enroll in her residency program. You’ll be on your road to becoming a citizen of that country if you can invest in Portuguese real estate.


Dual citizenship is permitted in this East European country, and foreigners who have got Romanian citizenship may keep their former citizenship. The beauty of the Romanian system is that a naturalized citizen has the same rights as a regular Romanian citizen and is not required to live in Romania at all times.

United Kingdom

Citizens of the United Kingdom have enjoyed the ability to keep a second passport without limitation for a long time. Without a doubt, the United Kingdom is a free country. One of the best places in the world to be born. If you get British citizenship, you will preserve your former citizenship without restriction.


Dual citizenship is permitted in this contentious Middle Eastern country.

The State of Israel not only allows dual citizenship but also encourages anyone of Jewish origin to return to Israel and become a citizen. This is because of the way it was established. A dual Israeli citizen had all the same rights as a single Israeli citizen. If you became a citizen of Israel but are not a Jew, you may have your citizenship revoked.


Dual citizenship is permitted in Latvia, a small country in northeast Europe. Latvian law allows its residents to get or maintain citizenship in another country. Foreigners may become citizens of Latvia. It is one of the most straightforward countries in Europe to gain residency through investment or real estate.


The disadvantages of dual citizenship include a person’s tendency to pay more allegiance to his new nation or to take the deterrent to where they came from more seriously.

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