List of Institutions whose Senate List is out On NYSC Portal

Are you a prospective corps member? In this article, we shall examine the progress of the NYSC Senate Approved List Portal, specifically focusing on the list of institutions whose Senate list have been released on the NYSC portal.

As part of the NYSC registration process, Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) are required to submit their Senate list to the NYSC portal. The Senate list is a compilation of approved graduates from various institutions across the country. In this article, we will provide you with an updated list of institutions whose Senate lists are out on the NYSC portal for 2023 Batch B.

The best way to check if your institution has uploaded the Senate list on the NYSC official portal is to keep checking this page. What we are saying is that you should return to this page to verify whether your institution has uploaded their Senate list. Once your institution’s Senate list is available, you will find it on this page.

*Also, ensure you verify your name on the NYSC Senate list portal before online registration.

Keep in mind that if your name is not on the senate list, you will not be able to register for NYSC online at the accredited cyber cafe.

But if you have been checking the Senate list but all you could see is “No record found”, then it is either your institution has not uploaded the Senate list or your name has been omitted.

Before I show you the list of institutions that have so far successfully uploaded their Senate List on NYSC portal, let me first show you how to verify your name on the Senate list.

How to verify your name on the NYSC Senate list

Below are the information you need to verify your name on the Senate list;

  • Name of your Institutions,
  • Your Matriculation Number,
  • Surname,
  • Your Date of Birth (Skip and Submit like that if you can’t select the year)

If you have all the information above, then cIick on the button below to verify your name.

Verify NYSC Senate List

List of institutions whose senate list is out on NYSC portal

So far, below are the list of institutions that have uploaded Senate List on NYSC portal. Schools strike through are still processing their senate list. We will remove the strike once they release.

  • Cross River University of Technology
  • Delta State University
  • Osun state University
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Ritwan University
  • Joseph Sarwan Tanka University
  • Federal University of Lafia
  • Lagos State University
  • University of Benin
  • Moshood Abiola Polythetnic
  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (Esut)
  • Ambrose Alli university
  • Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife
  • Kaduna Polytechnic
  • FUTA
  • Yobe State University
  • Caleb University
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University

The uploading of Senate list is still on-going, please check back later if your institution is not here. Once your institution upload senate list, it will reflect on this page.

If your institution has uploaded senate list but it does not reflect on this page, please notify us in the comment section below.


The NYSC Senate list is an important document that determines the eligibility of graduates from Nigerian tertiary institutions for the National Youth Service Corps program. The release of the Senate list on the NYSC portal allows prospective corps members to confirm their inclusion and proceed with the registration process. The institutions mentioned in this article are among those whose Senate lists have been published on the NYSC portal. Graduates from these institutions can now check the portal to verify their eligibility and make necessary preparations for their service year. It is important for prospective corps members to regularly check the NYSC portal for updates and follow


  1. My name is not showing on the verification link
    But is is showing in the one that bear the group names

  2. Please does Heritage Polytechnic uploaded names on Senate list because I try all possible to check my name on Senate list they said No Record found

  3. you said federal polytechnic oko have uploaded but non the students in the polytechnic saw his or her name on the senate list

  4. Adekunle Ajasin university is not found in the list and their senate list has been uploaded though not but am wondering if they will still upload it before batch A stream 2 registration is been close

  5. My institution, Bayero University, Kano senate list has been uploaded but it did not reflect here. Thanks

  6. My name is written on d Senate list but d status says,”has not been matriculated,u cannot register contact ur institution, used by none”since last week and am still facing d same problem till now,and am finding it difficult to even register.

  7. I have seen my school on the list of those who have successfully upload their senate list but couldn’t find any list on the portal for 2020 batch A list ,why want to know

  8. Pls I have issues with my name.on d Senate list
    My school have pasted my name.on the list but my not on the Senate list.thanks

  9. Hello, please how long does it take for the green card and call-up letter to be ready for printing after necessary payment has been made?

  10. I didn’t see my school Bayero University Kano on this page,and they had already submitted their Senate list,what is the reason behind this?

  11. pls house, my name is on nysc approved list pasted in my school.but checking senate list is telling me no record found,pls dont understand what is going on.(laspotech)

  12. University of maiduguri (unimaid) senate list is out since and many of us has successfully registered for nysc but the school name is not on the approved list you listed out , pls kindly include the school name on the list .

  13. Please admin,I found my name on Nysc approve Senate list but I can’t find it on verify Senate list or it’s equivalent,All I keep seeing is *No Record found only in my department,but some department from my school have started registering today .. please wat could be the problem (Osisatech poly Enugu)

  14. Pls admin my name is on NYSC approved Senate list but yet it not on verify Senate list can I do registration and for d record auchi poly just posted list yesterday and yet we can’t verify our names

  15. My school just submitted the hard copy,I try to register the told me not matriculated yet, because I use three names in my jamb but using two names in school really don’t know what to do right now pls help me out on what to do pls

  16. I don’t think usamn danfodiyo university have released their senate list it looks lik its only graduation list that was uploaded

  17. My name is on senate list but cannot during registeration process it telling me no detail is found about me….pls
    wat should I do sir.?….

  18. Good afternoon sir,I use three names to register my jamb and am using two names in school, I want to omit one from the jamb what should I do

  19. I am from Kaduna State University, I have seen my name on both the Senate and graduation list. But, I see the name of my school strike out, does it mean she has submitted or yet?


  20. Hey Mr. Humphrey thanks for the assistance so far. Please any updates on institutions that have submitted their senate list?

  21. A friend’s name was found in her school mobilization list approved by the academic board during last year batch C, and she didn’t register for NYSC den,but her name is not in the NYSC Senate list. What could be the course.
    Please help

  22. Please sir i have problem with my registration number instead of 2017/43110038 they wrote 2017/4310038 i told them to correct it uptil now is not noted. Ist a big problem?

  23. I can see Kwara State University on the list but on NYSC portal my name isn’t there. I’ve called the school and they said they’re yet to upload senate list. Infact no student from Kwasu has been able to register. So I don’t know how you came into conclusions that Kwasu has released senate list.

  24. Niger State Polytechnic is not included, and the school official claimed to have submitted the list, but till now none of us has seen his or her name on the Senate list, what could cause this

  25. Why are the name of some institutions stroked? For instance Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Benue state university, kaduna state university and so on

  26. My name is Harrison Jonathan, from Rivers State University. I’m seeing my name on the Senate list though, but it’s indicating that I’m in stream 2. What could be the issue?

  27. My sch name Kano State University of Sci and Tech is on the list above, but I checked there is no any uploaded list from the sch.

  28. I’m seeing unical on this list but still no record found. And student affairs says they have submitted our names.
    What is happenung pls

  29. My institution(The Oke ogun polytechnic Saki
    Oyo state ) as uploaded senate list but it’s not
    Reflected there sir.

  30. I’m a student of Taraba State University, my school’s senate list was uploaded at about 5pm yesterday (21/01/2020) and I’ve seen mine.

  31. Taraba state university have submitted there hardcopy and our names are on senate approved list but we couldn’t access the portal,one can only check his/her name that we’re in stream II

  32. There is nothing thing like MODIBBO ADAMA UNIVERSITY on the senate list. Only MODIBBO ADAMA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. Hope dis won’t be causing some delay. Note pls;the school name was changed.

  33. ABU Zaria is yet to upload it’s senate list and you said they did.

    Can I say even the ones you said to have uploaded is a lie?

  34. Kwara State University Malete is yet to be seen on NYSC mobilization portal & the school yet to display such on their notice board.
    What is happening pls

  35. Please I want a clarification on the issues of stream II and what of those whose their school has upload their names and they can’t still register.

  36. Just want to draw the attention of NYSC on how the management of federal polytechnic Ado-Ekiti is extorting their students on medical fitness certificate in which majority of the PCMs as gone to general hospitals in their prospective location to obtain it. The institution now say the PCMs most obtain their medical fitness certificate from them before issurance of their results. Pls Nysc come to rescue us. Thanks

  37. My school Federal cooperative college orjiriver
    I saw my name on the senate list
    But wen trying to register they are telling u re on stream 2, ur school av not submitted there hardcopy

  38. I don’t think Kogi State university has uploaded their pcm names on NYSC portal, please confirm and get back with your findings

  39. Good morning sir, my school name appear on the list of institution whose uploaded their senate list and going to verfied there’s no record showed

  40. Can someone help with the information that will lead to correction of my date of birth to enable me register, both the date I put during jamb registration and the one one my WAEC is wrong and above 30

  41. Obafemi Awolowo University is yet to send thier own list, please help us encqire so that we will not missed the batch A orientation

  42. What happened on the portal i tried to register my online but its showing me ur on streams two while my school unimaid mobilize us?

  43. Please can u notify us when petroleum training institute effurun delta state upload names on senate list..thank you

  44. Hello
    Please, can u notify us when Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, update their name on senate list.
    Thank You

  45. Hello is yabatech Senate list out truely for 2020 because have been trying to check my name for a while and is saying record not found. And have done the necessary clearance in school

  46. Please why all the school that firstly summited on Senate list are now been cross on their name

  47. my school, I’m State Polytechnic has uploaded its Senate list, but it didn’t appear in your own list.

  48. Bauchi state University some department didn’t see their names on Senate list while some seen their own

  49. till now you did not upload kwara state polytechnic. but u uploaded kwara state university.

  50. My institution Senate list has been uploaded FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, AKURE (FUTA)

  51. Good morning sir
    My institution submitted the hardcopy of the Senate list yesterday but our names are not still appearing on the Senate list.

  52. my school has uploaded and my name is among those that was enlisted but still can’t see my name on senate list

  53. Hello. Please is there any difference between the uploaded senate list and verify senate list? Because my school have uploaded the Senate list which I’ve seen my name but when I tried to check my name on the verify Senate list, it’s showing “no record found”. Can I go ahead for my registration?

  54. My name is in the hard copy of the school list but not in the list published on net, what can I do pls

  55. My school said they submitted our hard copy to Abuja yesterday….why are we still seeing no record found

  56. Pls due to some hindrances by my school I wasn’t able to register for nysc,and I heard d registration is closing on 1st of November… Pls will there be any extention till Nov 13 for registration or I should wait for d next bactch, and when will d next bactch start there mobilisation? Thanks

  57. Pls notify me when my school upload their senate list
    Abia state college of health sciences and technology.

  58. Please i saw the name of my school university of nigeria nsukka in the NYSC uploaded senate list but i haven’t seen my name yet because is still showing no record found. Please i need urgent response

  59. Please i saw the name of my school university of nigeria nsukka in the NYSC uploaded senate list but i haven’t seen my name yet because is still showing no record found. Please i need urgent response

  60. Michael Okpara University is in the list of universities that has uploaded but our name are not yet on the “Senate List” why? But our names only appears on “Graduation List” why?

  61. sir, please did University of maiduguri uploaded their Senate list for NYSC batch’c’ tanx.

    • Heritage Polytechnic has not upload. My status is still showing last batch status. Reg number not existing. Pls am I to go to Nysc office Abuja to rectify or my sch will do dat?

  62. Is has uploaded their senate list I check online I saw my name I started the registration but my status indicate I am not matriculated
    I check my name on the matriculation list and they show me congratulations

  63. You said kogi state university have uploaded and they’re still saying No record found. What’s going on?

  64. Do I need to print my jamb admission letter if I can’t find my name in the Jamb matriculation list even if I have already printed it out in 100l. Can I submit that old one to my institution

  65. please my school university of Calabar has uploaded names but I have checked yet can’t still find my name, what do I do?

  66. Pls sir I went for registration today BT my name is nt on the senate list and a guy from school was able to do his own registration because he was able to find his name on the Senate list

  67. Does this mean that by now, no one has been able to successfully register? Since it shows here that no school has uploaded.

  68. Good morning sir, I’ve been mobilise since last year but I couldn’t proceed with my online registration,my status is showing I should print my jamb admission letter I’ve printed the jamb admission letter,i’ve done Regularisation my name is on the jamb matriculation list but is still showing the same thing (kindly print your jamb admission letter/contact your institution used by none). Please help a brother thank you sir.

  69. Please ambassador when will university of port-harcourt senate list be uploaded considering the fact that registration starts on the 21st of October or is there a change of date again?

  70. My name came out in batch b but I did not register with batch b, now I want to register with batch c, hope is not a problem

  71. If registrations are going to commence on 21st of this month,I think senate list should be out before/by now.

  72. Please sir , when would the physical verification for foreign trained students take place since it’s supposed to be on 21st?

  73. Sir, pls. The date of birth on my olevel cert and the in jamb are not the same. Will this affect me?

  74. Please I just did my JAMB regularisation this week, I then submitted my admission letter to my school. Please will be possible for me to join barge C stream 1 for service this year? If possible, how?

  75. My result was approved this September and I will be 30yrs by November. Will l be eligible for service?

  76. Pls when is the real date for batch C registration? am hearing different things everywhere pls when is the real date?

  77. Please I forgot my online login password for my nysc portal and am trying to reset it asking for a security question and I dont kn9w the answer and I want to revalidate please help cus am stocked right now…09053544691

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