List Of Best Dance Schools In Canada

Canada is a country known for its passion in arts and culture, and dancing is without a doubt one of the best methods to relieve tension, exercise the body, and, of course, provide amusement.

It is also a poverty-eradication program, as money prizes won in dance competitions can be utilized to meet basic requirements.

Because of these advantages, many individuals are interested in dancing, which explains the development of dance schools in Canada. In this article, we provide a list of the best dance schools in Canada for those who might be looking for such schools to enroll in.

1. Canada’s National Ballet School (TORONTO, ON)

There are a few exceptional programs in Canada, some of which are ranked among the best dance schools in the world. This is also true of the National Ballet School of Canada, which is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is ranked as the world’s seventh greatest dancing school. Isn’t that great? It is one of just a few ballet schools in North America that provides academic coursework, residential space, and elite dance training all in one location. This is significant if you are a young dancer from another section of Canada.

Ballet has changed over time as a result of absorbing novel techniques or aesthetics from other dance genres.

To perform well, a dancer must be adaptable enough to switch up their performance approach as needed. At Canada’s National Ballet School, students are engaged in contemporary repertoire where they can express themselves through technique and improvisation, as well as traditional Indian dance, theatre expression, historical/character dance, anatomy, and more.

On-site specialists and medical assistance are available. This group comprises social workers, doctors, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and nutritionists. Due to the fact that dancers must take good care of their health, specialists provide guidance on how to prevent mishaps and how to best fill one’s diet. Dancing may, of course, be psychologically taxing as well.

Psychiatrists can help young dancers cope with their emotional health and provide guidance on personal fitness and lifestyle choices. Individual coaching is offered if required.

This institution provides excellent training. Students are prepared for any career because they are permitted to teach and choreograph. Younger students may also get the opportunity to perform in The Nutcracker with the National Ballet of Canada.

2. Royal Winnipeg Ballet (WINNIPEG, MB)

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Queen graced the ballet with her presence. Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth II, granted the Royal Winnipeg Ballet a royal charter in 1953.

This institution, which ranks 14th among international dance schools, has been there for 80 years and is still going strong. So, what is the secret to this school’s success?

If you want to pursue a career as a dancer, it’s critical that you obtain the training you need to prosper in your dancing profession in this school.

This dance style, which is the core of classical ballet training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, was used to create three of the top five ballets. This includes Prokofiev’s The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet (yes, The Nutracker).

Learn About Professional Training from the Experts. The pleasant and helpful counselors, staff, and teachers who comprise The Royal Winnipeg Ballet are one of the most important factors to consider while enrolling in a dancing school.

The cherry on top? The tutors are internationally known, experienced professional dancers. Many faculty members volunteer as guest teachers at various dance schools across Canada, passing on their knowledge.

While performing in modern productions like L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is exciting, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet also provides a home for young dancers who are unsure of whether they are ready to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

However, this institution will be a great place to start if there is a definite goal to pursue a career in dancing.

3. School of Alberta Ballet (EDMONTON/CALGARY, AB)

 The Alberta Ballet School Canada is  ranked 28th out of all dance academies worldwide.

 Students may expect to be surrounded by classmates from all over the world in both open (recreational) and professional divisions because Alberta Ballet Company has its own dancing company.

Teachers concentrate on helping students at different skill levels gain strength, technique, and artistry. In order to allow young dancers to seek professional training while completing their regular academic education, a recognized academic program was very recently created in 2011.

Dancers with more experience should enroll in this program. Students will study about physical health, performance psychology, nutrition, and science there, which will give them a more nuanced grasp of how to grow themselves as dancers. On-site physiotherapy is available, and the building is guarded around-the-clock.

4. Halifax Dance (HALIFAX, NS)

 it is not surprise that this company is a well-known leader in dance education given that many of the instructors at Halifax Dance are still involved in the dance community, whether they are choreographing or performing.

Dance instructors, who are imparting knowledge from their own professional experiences, teach students more than just dance technique; they also instill in them a respect for dance as an art form and dance decorum.

This is a place for people to practice if they want to be a part of a professional environment that values the health, grace, and well-being of dancers in order to uphold the integrity of the dance program.

For dancers who want to dance for fun, dancers who want to dance professionally, and dancers who are deciding between two options, Halifax Dance is the perfect place.This dance studio is also well-known in Canada.

5. Edmonton School of Ballet (EDMONTON, AB)

This school is home to a vast family of dancers, including young kids who start their training as early as age 3, as well as seasoned pros who have made a name for themselves on stage professionally.

The school serves as a self-contained community because there are training programs available for anyone willing to coach young artists. Many dance schools provide students the opportunity to compete, but Edmonton School of Ballet isn’t hesitant to highlight their students’ successes because the company is made up of peers who are really committed to their training and who are extremely driven.

One of the first things you should look at in any dancing school is how well-equipped the facilities are. Edmonton School of Ballet is entirely open about its amenities to ensure that its students are given the ideal setting to blossom elegantly and professionally in their training.

One of the most well-known dance schools in Canada, the Edmonton School of Ballet, has up to 8 large studios, all of which were built with sprung timber floors and outfitted with dance matting to keep dancers safe while performing those risky leaps.

6. Maritime Dance Academy (HALIFAX/BEDFORD, NS)

By earning the Consumer Choice Award for the eighth consecutive year, The Maritime Dance Academy, one of the Canadian dance schools with locations in Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia, is making waves in the dance community.

Hip hop, tap, pointe, modern, acro, theatre, jazz, and other dance styles are among the many available to students at this institution.

The school employs a sizable staff of 30 teachers. The amenities can be used by both young children and grown adults. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or level of ability!

7. Arts Umbrella Dance Company (VANCOUVER, BC)

Arts Umbrella, a dance school in Vancouver, is the most well-known youth fine arts program in the lower mainland and one to take into consideration.

Arts Umbrella offers a renowned dance program with competitive and leisure divisions, in addition to its theatrical and mixed-media art programs.

The professional division offers education where students pursue a ballet-based curriculum while exhibiting a high level of physical prowess and technical discipline, beginning in grade 6 and continuing through post-secondary.

Even if you don’t want to pursue a career as a professional dancer, The Arts Umbrella Dance Company is a great place to take dance lessons seriously.

The goal of the BC Art Council-funded non-profit Arts Umbrella Dance Company is to advance the health and happiness of students. Since the program also strives to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their creative expression, bursaries are provided to assist families in overcoming barriers to accessing the arts.

Those under 22 years old may register.

8. Candian Dance Company (OAKVILLE, ON)

The Canadian Dance Company has been running its program for 35 years. The institution, which is well-known for its warm and inclusive dance community and places great importance on helping students develop their character, freedom of expression, and respect for the arts, is one of Canada’s top dance schools.

A brand-new, high-quality facility has just been constructed where young dancers can train professionally or informally. Several dance disciplines, such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap, modern, acrobatics, and tumbling, are available for enrollment.

Students have the opportunity to perform as well as take part in more professional programs. There are a lot of former members of the Canadian Dancing Company who are now successful dancers in well-known shows like Cirque Du Soleil.

9. City Dance Corps

City Dance Corps, Toronto’s top dance and creative movement school, offers dance instruction to both adults and kids.

The dance school has been a pioneer in the Canadian dance community ever since its doors first opened in 2002. Its objectives are to encourage individuals to dance and to offer a professional setting for everyone.

Their eight studio complex is located in a charming dance studio that was once a unique, ancient factory in Toronto. The dancing studios have wonderful sprung floors as well as lots of natural light.

The 11,000 square foot dancing school features eight top-notch studios. City Dance Corps rents out studios for casting calls, practices, auditions, and photo and video shoots.

They offer both in-person and online classes to its students. This is one of the Canadian dance schools in Toronto that provides more than 100 lessons each week. City Dance Corps sells playing cards.

10. The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre

An alternative to dance training focusing on competition is the School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT).

The CCDT offers recreational to pre-professional programs and is one of the top dance training centers in Canada. These classes provide instruction in ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance as well as jazz, tap, musical theatre, hip-hop, and contemporary dance.

11. Toronto Dance Salsa

Toronto Dance Salsa is Canada’s biggest salsa dance school. The dancing school educates more than 5000 students annually.

The dance studio specializes in teaching “Two-left feet” beginners how to dance salsa proficiently. Their catchphrase is, “This will be the best hour of your week.” They want you to leave each lesson with a big smile on your face.

You’ll laugh, experience renewed energy, and forget about your trying day. The focus of Toronto Dance Salsa lessons is on providing clear, uncomplicated directions in a fun, laid-back setting. The dancing school hosts workshops, seminars, and social gatherings.

Toronto Dance Salsa is one of the dance studios in Canada that gives gift cards for any special event. They also provide lessons online through Zoom. For two hours, Toronto Dance Salsa offers free on-site parking.

12. The Underground Dance Centre

The Underground Dance Centre is a well-known dance school in Toronto, Canada. Serving the residents of Toronto for more than seven years.

People of various ages and experience levels are able to take dance instruction there. The best drop-in lessons are offered to the students at the dancing school. Their instructors have extensive experience and training in dance programs.

This dancing school is one of many in Canada that provides both on-site and online training for its students. The Underground Dance Centre sells gift certificates. The dancing school offers free trial sessions every day of the week.

The Underground Dance Centre offers workshops and events.

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  1. Goh Ballet in Vancouver and The School of Dance in Ottawa should be in any list of great Canadian schools. My son is in the Upper School at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden, London and I credit the excellent pre-professional training he got at the TSOD for this achievement. Also, noteworthy is the fact that English National Ballet Principal dancer Celine Gittens came out of Goh Ballet.


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