Things Foreign Students Must Know To Get A Scholarship In The USA

Contrary to popular belief, international students can successfully apply for scholarships. If you know where to look and how to stand out, there are plenty of options.

This article is written to assist international students who wish to pursue higher education in the USA and removing any barriers standing in their way, including those relating to immigration and funding.

On this page, we’ll outline the four crucial steps to obtaining a scholarship and provide links to all the tools you’ll need to complete each step successfully.

1. Learn About The Various Scholarships Offered To International Students In The USA

  • Need-based: exclusively for college students from low-income, socioeconomically disadvantaged households. Read the normal eligibility requirements because “need” is defined differently for each scholarship program. To qualify, you might need to present supporting evidence (such your family’s tax return).
  • Academic Merit: Given to students who exhibit exceptional academic ability or achievement. Students with a specified GPA, a certain class rank, or other proof of academic excellence are frequently excluded from eligibility.
  • Being a member of an underrepresented group or a particular one: For students who meet specified diversity requirements. Some of these may only be available to women, people from a specific nation or area, or people with a specific immigration status.

Students who have been accepted or enrolled at a certain school are eligible under this category.

Students accepted or enrolled in a certain major or degree program (such as nursing, business, or engineering) are eligible depending on their major or degree.

2. Determine The Scholarships For Which You Are Eligible

Choose which of the first step’s categories you fit into, then use these requirements to look for scholarships.

Look for university scholarships first. For information about scholarships your school directly offers to international students, get in touch with the Office of International Student Services and the Office of Financial Aid. Mention any financial help that another institution has offered you if you have received one. Some colleges will match the offers you already have.

Then look for other organizations that offer scholarships for international students. Our collection of scholarships for international students is a wonderful place to start. Make sure to search for your school, degree or major, and country of origin. Look for need-based scholarships if your income is low, and if you’re a woman, look for scholarships designed especially for women.

3. Select The International Student Scholarships That Are Best For You From The List

Narrow your attention! Give the scholarships for which you are best qualified top priority when you apply. Keep in mind that competitions for scholarships with smaller candidate pools are more likely to award you a prize. For instance, if you’re a Brazilian woman interested in computer science, your chances of winning the MPOWER Financing Women in STEM award or a Brazilian-specific award are higher than those of winning a scholarship with a bigger candidate pool!

4. Write Fantastic Scholarship Essay

Writing a strong application and essay is essential. Need some advice? Look into:

5. Submit Your Application Early

Take note of the deadlines! Consider any time zone discrepancies while submitting the necessary materials by the deadline.

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