List Of The Best Car Selling Websites In Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian automobile owner or dealer seeking for the finest websites to sell cars in Nigeria? I’m guessing yes, which is why we’ve written this post for you.

We are all familiar with the traditional method of selling cars in Nigeria, which involves placing a plastic bag full of water and a banner stating that the vehicle is for sale. That method does take some time to find a buyer, but these days you can just go online and sell your item right away.

In today’s article, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest car-selling websites in Nigeria. These websites are well-known for their enormous readership and the speed with which automobiles are sold after being listed on their platform.

List of the Best Car Selling Websites in Nigeria

1. CarXus

Home Page - CarXus

CarXus is well-known in Nigeria as one of the most trustworthy websites for buying used vehicles online. It’s also a wonderful place to sell automobiles, so if you have any used cars to sell, you can always bring them to CarXus. Aside from selling cars, CarXus also helps people sell trucks, boats, and other items.

You may always visit CarXus if you’re seeking for one of the greatest websites to sell automobiles in Nigeria. Create an account with them and provide them with the details of the vehicle you wish to sell, including photographs, before submitting it and waiting for interested buyers to contact you.

Whether you want to sell a used or new car in Nigeria, the websites listed below are reliable places to list your vehicles and receive potential buyers within a few hours or days. With that said, let’s take a look at the most trustworthy locations to sell automobiles in Nigeria.

2. Jumia Deals

Jumia Flash Sales 2023: Top 10 discounts to look out for - BUSINESS YIELD

Jumia Deals is a classified Ads platform, similar to Jiji, and the same thing may be done on both sides. Jumia Deals is owned and administered by Jumia, one of Nigeria’s best shopping sites. To sell automobiles on Jumia Deals, you must create and publish advertisements for other users to see.

Jumia Deals is one of the greatest places to visit if you want to sell your automobile faster online in Nigeria. Jumia Deals sells a variety of vehicles, making it a trustworthy platform for selling new or used cars online in Nigeria.

3. Facebook Marketplace

How to Search Facebook Marketplace Nationwide - Walkthrough Guide

Facebook Marketplace is a popular trend in Nigeria these days, and while it is not solely a car marketplace, you may sell automobiles there as well. If you want to sell a new or old car in Nigeria, all you have to do is log in to your Facebook app and enter the marketplace to put your vehicle for sale.

Facebook Marketplace is free to use, and it is also quite simple to find possible buyers for your vehicles. You own your automobile sale on Facebook Marketplace since you provided the facts and prices.

4. Autocheck

An interview with Etop Ikpe, CEO of Autocheck - Businessday NG

In terms of popularity, Autocheck is also pretty popular, and it is a website that works in over five different African countries. If you want to buy a car on loan in Nigeria, you can always utilize Autocheck to buy cars and pay in installments.

Autochek makes selling automobiles very simple; it’s one of the top websites in Nigeria for selling cars; you can sell both new and used cars on this website. Autocheck is simple to use; simply establish an account and list your vehicle on their site.

5. Carmart Nigeria

Carmart ( | Foreign Used Cars for Sale | Buy Tokunbo Cars in  Nigeria - BUY AND SELL - Car Dealer in Ikeja

Carmart Nigeria, a website recognized for selling foreign secondhand automobiles in Nigeria, has been in operation for quite some time. This website specializes in used automobiles from the United Kingdom, the United States, and other foreign countries, and if you’re a Nigerian looking to sell your car, you can always use Carmart’s services to get it sold quickly.

Carmart will handle all of the stress that comes with selling vehicles online; your duty is simply to submit all of the details of the car or cars you want to sell and wait while they do the most for you.

6. Cars45

Nigeria's Cars45 closes $5M round to digitize Africa's used autos markets |  TechCrunch

Cars45 is powered by Jiji and is one of the most popular websites in Nigeria for buying and selling vehicles online. On Cars45, you may post your automobiles for sale, input the car details, add images, and establish a price for the car you wish to sell. Cars45 is a trustworthy and accessible online platform for selling vehicles in Nigeria.

When it comes to buying vehicles on Car45, you’ll see automobiles of various rates, as well as popular car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and so on. Cars45 is one of the greatest places to visit if you want to sell your automobile online in Nigeria.

7. Jiji

websites to sell cars in Nigeria

Jiji is an online classified advertisement site where you can sell anything and receive quick customers. Jiji is without a doubt one of Nigeria’s largest online marketplaces, and it is a website where people come to sell both old and new items without concern. If you want to sell your automobiles, you can easily list them all on Jiji; once you’ve submitted their photographs and pressed the publish advert button, your cars will appear in the car advert section for customers to see.

You may also improve the visibility of your automobile on Jiji by paying for ad boosts, which will help your vehicle to reach potential buyers. Jiji is one of the greatest websites in Nigeria for selling vehicles because it is fast and reliable. Aside from marketing your vehicles, you can also use Jiji to quickly sell your used/old phones.

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