Top Bluetooth Apps For Android Devices 2023

Bluetooth permits wireless data transfer between nearby devices, making it easier to connect and exchange data. Bluetooth technology has made significant contributions to the advancement of phones and data sharing between devices.

Previously, phones were only useful for communicating with others. However, with the introduction of things like bluetooth apps, phones have evolved and can now perform a variety of tasks such as sending messages, pictures, videos, and other data to other devices. Bluetooth is now found in practically every mobile phone, laptop, and PC.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone or computer, you may easily transfer files, coordinate calendars, back up critical data, exchange digital business cards, and much more. Bluetooth apps, on the other hand, have become vital to have on your smartphone due to the additional functionality they may include.

The Top Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices

Bluetooth technology has played a crucial role in the advancement of phones. The list below includes some of the top Bluetooth apps for Android devices.

1. Bluetooth PC Remote

This is a computer management application that may be accessed over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Remote PC application allows you to operate your home or work computer’s desktop and apps on the screen of your device. You can use the application to control both the desktop and certain processes.

Media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Netflix, and Hulu are among the specialized programs. PowerPoint presentations can also be controlled. The program contains a remote mouse and keyboard control function that allows you to move the cursor, click on buttons, drag and drop, and zoom in and out.

You can also remotely shutdown or restart the computer, put it to sleep, and turn the monitor on or off. The sample version of the app only allows Bluetooth control; Wi-Fi control is not supported.

2. Bluetooth Pair

Bluetooth Pair is an app that allows users to link multiple Bluetooth devices. The software is compatible with a wide range of devices, including audio speakers, headphones, and automobile speakers. When someone launches the app, they must grant it certain permissions.

It is also critical to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices. If it isn’t, there’s a Bluetooth symbol at the bottom of the screen that you may tap to enable it. If Airplane mode is enabled, it must be disabled since it can interfere with Bluetooth. The app will provide a list of devices that can be linked within a few seconds.

There are two buttons next to each device on the list. The first button is for pairing, while the second is for unpairing. Simply tap the button corresponding to the desired action. Users can also configure an automatic connection to a certain device. The software is simple to use, with a simple UI and five different theme colors to select from.

3. AutoBluetooth

This is a great Android app that lets you control how your Bluetooth works. You can use this software to create particular rules for Bluetooth to follow during the week. For example, you can program Bluetooth to operate continuously for a given period of time or to turn on and off at regular intervals.

You can also specify when Bluetooth should switch on and off based on other characteristics. You can, for example, configure Bluetooth to switch on automatically when you enter a specific place, when the device is linked to a power source, or when you receive a call. You can also enable Bluetooth while driving.

Overall, AutoBluetooth is an excellent tool for personalizing your Bluetooth experience. You may customize your Bluetooth settings to meet your needs and make your life easier.

4. Bluetooth File Explorer

Bluetooth File Explorer is a three-in-one app. It allows you to manage your files, effortlessly move apps, and view a log of your actions. This software can support OBEX FTP, among other things. This allows you to see files on other devices over Bluetooth. You can create and delete files and folders on a device other than your own.

The software also includes a file manager. Bluetooth File Explorer allows you to handle your files over a Bluetooth connection. You may send and install various software, as well as access folders and files. You may also work on papers and transmit files over email using the built-in local browser.

5. Apk Share – Bluetooth Transfer

Apk Share is a program that allows for the seamless transfer of apps between devices, distinguishing itself from other comparable apps on the market. For individuals who want to easily distribute programs, the app gives a user-friendly experience. This app provides you with a full list of all the other programs loaded on your phone.

After you’ve chosen which apps to transfer, tap the “Send” button to be presented with several sharing options, including email, WhatsApp, Google Drive, and Huawei Share. Apk Share provides a simple solution to move apps from phone storage to SD card for those who have an SD card.

To do so, first select the apps you want to transfer, then touch the “Option” button and choose “Backup.” The app is simple to use and navigate, with a clean layout. Apk Share is one of the bluetooth apps you should have on hand if you need to share an app with a friend or simply free up some space on your phone.

6. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File share is one of the bluetooth programs that lets you share files rapidly. It allows you to transmit and receive contacts, individual files, and groups of files in Zip, RAR, and GZip formats. You may also check the integrity of files before unpacking them, organize them by different criteria, and choose multiple folders at once with the software.

Transferring films, audio, text documents, photographs, images, and archives between two devices is supported by the app. It can also function as an FTP or OPP server, change the way directories and files are displayed, and delete/move/copy/paste data. You can use numerous criteria to arrange files and folders, create folders and folder shortcuts, and access a list of bookmarks.

When you exit the app, you can turn off Bluetooth and switch between languages. The app’s features include the ability to connect to older Bluetooth-enabled phones and the ability to install access with a password. However, the interface is not very appealing, and adding the app is present.

The apps in the preceding list use Bluetooth for a variety of functions. Some apps, for example, assist you in managing devices that connect to your phone, while others allow you to share files and media with other devices. You can improve your Bluetooth experience by using these apps. I genuinely hope you find them beneficial.

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