Lucrative Livestock Businesses To Consider In 2022

The year 2022 offers a multitude of business opportunities that no one should pass up. The agriculture sector, in particular, offers a lot of opportunity for livestock businesses. What is agriculture’s purpose? Humans have a natural need to eat. We get our food from crops or livestock, both of which are agricultural goods. To top it off, Nigeria has enormous swathes of rich land perfect for livestock and grain cultivation.

Agriculture has a bad image since it was originally regarded to be a low-wage occupation destined for the poor. However, new research suggests that the ultra-rich are becoming increasingly interested in agriculture, and this is unlikely to alter in the years ahead.

Here’s a list of the most profitable ones to check into if you’ve decided to start live stock farming for the 2022 business year.

1. Fish

Nigeria’s seafood industry is at an all-time high right now. This is an excellent method to earn money. Fish farming (whether of saltwater or freshwater fish) is low-cost and, like poultry farming, produces rapid returns due to high growth and reproduction rates.

2. Poultry

Despite repeated scares in the poultry industry, such as chicken flu, poultry products remain one of the most popular livestock products. Even better, because many weight watchers have switched to high-protein diets, the sudden need for individuals to cut calories has led to a rise in poultry consumption.

3. Snail

Snail farming is another sector that has risen in prominence as a result of the country’s unanticipated weight-loss preoccupation. People are increasingly preferring white meat to red meat, resulting in a huge market for snail farming. It also has the benefit of requiring minimal space and investment to begin.

4. Cattle

Cattle farming is a very successful enterprise, despite its high capital and labor requirements. Cattle breeding, dairy farming, fertilizer manufacturing, leather production, and, of course, meat production are all options. What you can accomplish is limitless. The most major constraints for this line of business continue to be land and resources.

.5 Goat

You might want to think about goat farming as a livestock alternative. It would be much more beneficial if you resided in the south or east, as goat meat and other items are still strongly reliant on northerners in these areas.

6. Piggery

Apart from the costly and labor-intensive difficulty of keeping a piggery, many individuals would prefer not to do so for religious reasons or just because they despise the animal. If you can get over that, you might be able to earn a fortune in a pig farm owing to the lack of competition.

7. Rabbit

Rabbit farming is a lucrative industry in Nigeria. At the breeding stage, rabbit farming is less costly than other animal production, including poultry production.

8. Grasscutter

Grasscutter farming is touted as a very successful animal farming venture because to its ease of setup and management. It’s also one of the most profitable animal-production enterprises in Nigeria.

Because grasscutter meat is consumed in practically every part of the country, your product will have a ready market.

9. Farming Sheep

Sheep farming is a successful industry in Nigeria, and if you follow the right procedures, you may start generating money in as little as six months. When it comes to sheep farming, there are male and female breeds, therefore having a good understanding of the sector can help you reduce losses.

Male sheep breeds are constantly in great demand in Nigeria, especially during festive periods such as the Salah, when people buy them to celebrate.

10. Crabs Farming

Crabs are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, and they may be used to prepare a variety of cuisines. Commercial production is simple to begin and involves little cash and manpower.

It takes 5 to 6 months for it to mature and be ready to harvest.

Source: Nyscinfo

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