Meaning of Otondo in NYSC and other terms/Slangs/acronyms

– Meaning of Otondo in NYSC and other terms/Slangs/acronyms

In this article, I will show you the meaning of Otondo in NYSC and other NYSC terms that you should know.

What is NYSC terms?

An NYSC term can be a word, phrase or an acronym which is frequently used by the NYSC officials and Corps Members for effective communication and expressions of an idea and thought.

Generally, a term is a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to express a concept especially in a particular kind language or field. Just like every other field, NYSC gets its own terms.

It’s important to note that a particular NYSC term may only be valid when used in the NYSC scheme. So it can be meaningless when used outside the NYSC scheme.

However, anyone who is interested to participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme should first, learn the NYSC communication terms.

For example;

in Nigerian Army, they have what they called, military terms. If you’re not a soldier, you may find it it difficult to decode what they are saying.

Imaging a soldier saying ‘Python Dance’, ‘Alpha’, ‘Zero’, ‘Fall back’, ‘GOC’, at your hearing. As an ordinary civilian, you may not know what they mean but soldiers know what they mean.

Also, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists, Doctors, Politicians etc have their own terms.

“Roger” is a commonly used term or slang by the Nigerian policemen. I guess it means, ‘give me bribe’

If a Nigerian policeman says “wey your pay-pass”, an amateur driver may start looking for his vehicle papers.

So, just like any other agency, NYSC has its own terms which are frequently used for easy and effective communication.

For example, if a Corps member says, ”Our Li said their will be a PV signing tomorrow morning”. Corps members who do not know NYSC terms might begin to ponder over ‘Li’ or ‘PV’ could mean. As a Corps Member if you ask your colleagues the meaning, they will rather laugh at you than to tell you.

That’s why it’s important to know NYSC terms, so that you won’t become an object of ridicule.

Meaning of Otondo in NYSC and other terms

1. Otondo: Otondo is a name that soldiers call ‘Corps members’, especially when they are not in good mood. Although, the origin of the name is not known but it means a novice, fool or mumu.

The meaning of the word appears to be offensive, but in most cases it’s used for fun. Never take it serious if someone calls you ‘otondo’. It is used for fun. So enjoy the name.

2. NYSC: This means, National Youth Service Corps. Please, note that ‘Corps’ is being pronounced as ‘Core’ (p and s are silent in the word ‘Corps’).

If you don’t know that, NYSC officials might use you as an example of ‘educated illiterate’ in camp.

3. Orientation Camp: We have four cardinal arms of NYSC, namely: Orientation Camp, PPA, CDS, POP. The NYSC Orientation Camp is where Corps Members are trained for 3 weeks before they will be posted to where they are to carry out the their assignment.

There is an NYSC Orientation Camp in every state in Nigeria. Check out the Addresses of NYSC camp in Nigeria.

3. PPA: This means Place of Primary Assignment. After spending 3 weeks in the NYSC Orientation Camp, Corps Members will be posted to their PPA.

Your PPA can be a Primary/Secondary school, University/Polytechnic, Ministry, Company, Firm or an Establishment. You will serve in your PPA as a staff till the end of your service year.

4. CDS: This means Community Development Service. In your PPA, you are also expected to contribute in developing the community where your PPA is situated.

There are several CDS groups such as Education, Environment, Health, Agro, Legal aids etc. They usually have their meetings once in a week.

You can also embark on personal CDS (by providing what is needed in the community), if you do it well, you may end up bagging State or Federal Award which may usher automatic employment for you or at least boost your job CV or Resumé.

5. Allowee: This is the allowance being paid to every Corps Member. For now the Federal Government pays the sum of N19,800 to each Corps Member serving Nationwide. Most often it is refers as “NYSC allowee” or “Federal allowee”.

Also, some state government pays varying amount to Corps members serving in their states. Allowance paid by State government is “State allowee”, and the one paid by the head of the place your are serving is ‘PPA allowee’. See the list of states and how much allowee the pay Corpers

6. LGI or Li: It means Local Government Inspector. He/she is the the NYSC official in charge of the Local Govt in which your PPA fall within.

7. Zi: Zonal Inspector. He is the NYSC official in charge of a particular zone within a state. Every state has zones. In rank, Zi is higher than LGI or Li.Li or LGI is under Zi, while Zi is under the state coordinator.

8. PV: This means Payment Voucher. It is a clearance paper that every Corps Member must sign before he/she will qualified for monthly allowance. PV is being signed usually within the first week of every month at the office of your LGI or Zi.

9. CLO: This means Corps Liaison Officer. He/she is a ‘Corper’ incharge of all the PPA within a Local Government. He/she works hand in hand with the LGI. He helps the LGI to do most of the work, and always act in the absence of LGI.

10. SAED: This means Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development. It is a program set up by the Federal Government to provide entrepreneurship skills to Corps members while they are serving so that they won’t only depend on white collar jobs after their service year for survival.

11. Platoon: In the NYSC camp, Corps members are split into 10 groups called ‘Platoon’. Every platoon has instructors, and most registrations are done platoon by platoon.

12. OBS: This means Orientation Broadcasting Station. It is the radio station inside the NYSC Orientation Camp which give information to people within the NYSC camp. OBS makes camp more lively and entertaining.

13. POP: This means Pass Out Parade. The is the winding up your service year or the day your service will end. During the POP, the NYSC Discharge Certificate will be awarded to the deserving Corps Members.

14. PCM: This means Prospective Corps Members. He/she is someone who wants to or about to become NYSC member or Corps member.

15. Mami Market: This is an area within the NYSC camp marked out for selling of goods and services. Anything you need to survive in the NYSC camp, will be available for purchase at the Mami Market.

16. Corps Member: This is a youth member of the National Youth Service Corps.

17. Corper: This is the short way of saying Corps Member.

18. CD card: Community Development Card. It is an NYSC official card attached with your passport photograph that your LGI sign at the end of your CDS meeting day.

The above are the meaning of Otondo in NYSC and other terms. There are many more terms, but if you know the ones we listed above, then you are good to go. Thank you so much!

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