Monthly Salary of Lecturers and Professors in Nigeria

The monthly salary of Lecturers & Professors in the Nigerian University.

People, especially students in higher institutions always want to know how much their lecturers and professors earn monthly. In this article, we shall look at the salary of lecturers in Nigeria from lecturer 2 to a professor.

Monthly Salary of Lecturers & Professors

If you have been asking ‘how much does a lecturer or professor earn?’ You are on the right page.

One might think the government is not paying lecturers well due to series of ASUU strikes. The truth is that university lecturers salary in Nigeria isn’t that bad. Only that some greedy ones among them want to earn big like Nigerian Senators.

In order not to waste much of your time, we shall quickly go to the breakdown of how much Nigerian lecturers are being paid.


Salary of lecturers & professors in Nigerian university

Below is is the breakdown of the monthly salary of lecturers and professors in Nigeria;

1. Lecturer II earns N137,459 to N164,970 monthly,

2. Lecturer I is paid N173,333 to 223667 per month,

3. Senior Lecturer earns N257,625 to N371,292 per month,

4. Reader earns N314,018 to N417,062 monthly,

5. A Professor in Nigeria earns N381,695 to N501,680 per month.


As you can see from the breakdown above, a Nigerian professor is paid more than other lecturer. Only few civil servants earn up to that amount.

Note: Private universities pay higher than both state and federal universities.

Also, it is important to note that some lecturers are duos. This is to say they teach in more than one institutions to earn double salary.

When I was in the university, some of my lecturers teach pre degree, diploma and other students of other universities.

The job can be stressful. And it requires passion, effort, sacrifice and discipline.

Aside earning big salary, professors also go sabbatical leave which allows them to handle other contract with other universities.


For private university lecturers

Private universities normally pay between N140,000 and N150,000 on average.

For example, Covenant University, pays its lecturers about N135,000 to N149,000 depending on Lecturer ll level.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG), pay lecturer ll from N117,000 to N130,000 per month.

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