5 popular inverter batteries and brands in Nigeria

There are different brands of inverters in Nigeria because of the irregular power supply that has become the order of the day in Nigeria. Because of our deep market research and reviews by Nigerians, we have put together a list of popular inverter batteries and their brands in Nigeria; the technology used in making the batteries and how they work. Therefore, if you are looking to get an inverter for your house or business, this article will be extremely useful to your decision making.

What is an inverter battery?

Inverter battery is an electrical device that can transform battery power from Direct Current (DC) to an Alternate Current (AC) of a higher voltage, to be used to power other electrical appliances at home or at the office.

5 most popular inverter batteries and brands in Nigeria

Below are the popular inverter batteries and their brands:

1. Microtek Inverter Battery

Microtek inverter battery is designed with a combination of 1100VA + 150AH. This inverter battery is suitable for a double or 3-bedroom apartment, and the battery life is between 2-14 hours. It safeguards equipment with grid quality power. It works well with home appliances and medical equipment. The inverter is manufactured with Japanese technology.

2. Massimo battery

Massimo inverter battery comes with 72 months warranty and a capacity of 100ah and above. Meanwhile, this battery has variation of different capacities which are: 150AH, and 12 volts. It can be recharged within a short period and can be maintained with distilled water. Basically, it has a low maintenance.

3. Luminous Inverter Battery

If you are looking for an inverter with high energy efficiency, then luminous inverter should be your first choice. It is easy to use, even by a novice. The inverter basically offers you the opportunity to alternative source of power from the national grid. It has three different options which include the grid, generator and the sun.

4. Exide Battery

Exide battery is very popular in Nigeria as they also make car batteries. This inverter battery is designed with a power capacity of 200Ah. The interesting thing about this battery is that it is made with a spill-proof that protects it from spillage. It also has a floating monitoring device that checks the level electrolyte and a capacity of 12 volts, weighing 66 kilos and 36 months warranty.

5. Bluegate inverter battery

Bluegate inverter battery boasts of one of the lowest discharge mechanism and that stands it out among the rest, making it more helpful to users of this inverter. It is designed with a sealed valve and has 200AH capacity. It is easily adaptive to environment, and it has zero record of pollution.


Whenever you are searching for an inverter for used at either your house or your office, this list should serve as your guide.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Eng. Lawal Sikiru

    Good Morning Team

    I strongly disagreed with your battery findings…. I’m an inverter/solar Engineer for years, the batteries listed are not the best but part of the good ones…

    Narada battery, Quanta battery and likes of Rose battery are not on your list and your summary will definitely go a long way in confusing whole lot of people out there…..

    Thanks and my best regards

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