Mpower Study Loan And Who can Apply

Are you interested in furthering your education oversea but you do not have the required funds to make your dream come through? Or, have you been given admission to study in Canada, US and other places but you are stranded for lack of funds? Is your study programme billed to last for just two years? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then Mpower study loan is for you.

We have read on social media platforms, the frustrations of Nigerians who have sadly had to forfeit their admissions to study abroad for lack of financial support.

We read of cases where Nigerians cry online, begging people to assist them with funds, with some even agreeing to pay high interest rates just to be given the funds required to travel for their studies, yet a lot of them were unsuccessful with their request.

This events prompted us to research to see if there are ways Nigerians who are stranded can get a study loan for oversea education and pay back later, and we found a great opportunity that would help a lot of Nigerians overcome the challenge of lack of funds. At this juncture, the best you can do is to pay attention to every detail of this article, because we have you covered here.

What is Mpower study loan for international students?

Mpower study loan is a creation of a passionate team of global citizens in conjunction with investors and universities to assist students who struggle to raise for their studies and set them up for academic, professional and financial successes. This loan is disbursed to students in over 190 countries around the world.

How much can I get in Mpower loan?

Interesting, Mpower offers loan amounts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 USD. The loan amount covers tuition, school supplies, and living expenses for future semesters and past balances.

What are the requirements for Mpower loan?

The Mpower loan is designed to cater to all majors and degrees. The exciting thing is, those seeking the loan do not need to provide any collateral, or credit history. While in school, you are only required to pay only the interest on loan plus, you have a grace of six months post-graduation.

Who can apply for Mpower loan?

  • You must be an undergraduate or a student within 2 years of graduating.
  • Those who are about to begin a 2 or 1 year programme are eligible to apply.
  • International students, refugee and asylum-seekers can apply.
  • Your institution must be among the 350 approved schools in the United States or Canada.

In our next post, we will delve into how you can apply for the Mpower study loan. We will take you through the step-by-step procedures that will enable you to apply and get your much needed loan to study the course of your dream. Stay with us at

Source: Nyscinfo

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