First Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure

For many young Nigerian graduates, getting a good job is a huge dream, and one financial organization many want to work for is the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN). First Bank’s entry level is very attractive when placed side by side with the entry level salary of other banks in Nigeria. In this post, we will look at the First Bank of Nigeria salary structure. Also check top 7 highest paying banks in Nigeria.

Just like the oil industry, the banking sector is a high paying industry when it comes to staff salary. Whereas the banks pay well, it is instructive to know that there are little differences in how much banks pay in salary as they is no amount backed by the Nigerian stating that a bank must pay a specific amount to its staff.

Despite this, First Bank Nigeria has proven itself to be a bank with staff interest at heart. Hence their good salary structure, making the bank the first target of job seekers in the banking sector. If you want to build a career in the Nigerian banking industry, then you have to read this article till the end because this article provides you information about the salary structure of First Bank Nigeria.

How much does first bank pays its staff?

Imagine finding yourself sitting before the HR of a big organisation as First Bank and you are asked about your salary expectation. What would you say when you don’t know the salary structure? That would be a disastrous experience that we know you wouldn’t want to have. While we do not want you to price yourself out of employment by asking for too much, we also do not want you to be among the 70% job seekers who price themselves below the worth of their experiences and qualifications.

Graduate trainee salary at First Bank of Nigeria

At First Bank, a graduate trainee is paid a compulsory entry salary of N58,000 for the first four months while they are undergoing training to learn more about the job and be equipped with the right knowledge.

Contract staff salary at First Bank

While contract staff are not directly employed by First Bank, as they come in through outsourcing companies, they are paid up to N84,000 monthly and N1,008,000 yearly.

Entry level salary structure at First Bank

First Bank entry level salary is very attractive, especially if you compare it to how much other banks pay in Nigeria. At the entry level, a staff earns N120,000 a month and N1,440,000 yearly.

Loan officers salary at First Bank

Loan officers are in charge of issuing and collecting paybacks when the loan given to an individual is due. Their monthly salary is around N420,000 and you must have worked with the bank for a considerable period before you can attain this position.

Credit Analysts Salary at First Bank

Credit Analysts salary is sometimes not too far from the manager’s. They get paid between N600,000 and N720,000 a month.

Bank Manager salary at First Bank

For the branch manager position, it even gets better. The monthly salary range is between N500,000 and N1,000,000 apart from performance bonuses.


If you have been nursing the dream of working with First Bank but have been pushed back as you do not know how much you will earn, you can now push ahead with your desire as you are now aware of how much you stand to earn in salary.

Source: Nyscinfo

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