Access Bank Salary Structure and Allowance (2021)

How much does Access Bank Pay Staff? What is Access bank salary structure like? In this post, you will get answer to the above questions. You can also check out: Top 7 Highest Paying Banks In Nigeria & Salary Amount.

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The banking industry is one of the leading contributors of Nigeria’s GDP. The sector who employs millions of direct and indirect workers has many families depending on it for survival.

Access Bank PLC is one of the many players in the banking industry in Nigeria with many of her branches shattered across the country.

Founded in the year 1989 with over 28,000 workers, Access Bank has come up tops as one of the leading players in the banking industry.

The bank has in excess of over 18 billion dollars and has Mr Herbert Wigwe as it’s Managing Director with it’s Headquarters located in 999c Danmole Street, Off Idejo street, off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island Lagos.

The bank over the years has over the years acquired other banks. In 2012, the bank took over Intercontinental Bank PLC and also merged with Diamond Bank recently and established itself as one of the strongest and economic viable players in Nigeria.

Staff renumeration and motivation is one of the proven ways through which organisations grow. Labour, especially skilled Labour is vital for the sustainability of any business especially a specialized sector as the banking industry.

Access Bank PLC as a key players in the banking industry places high premium on staff motivation.

Access Bank Salary Structure

Below are the salaries and allowance are the different cadre of Access Bank staff;

1. Graduate trainee

Access Bank PLC pays staff at this level the sum of ₦43,000 monthly.

2. Entry-level staff

In Access Bank, entry level staff are being paid ₦115,000 per month, with other allowances and benefits.

3. Loan officers

Access Bank loan officers go home with ₦541,000 every month, with other allowances.

4. Credit Analyst Salary

This category of staff are among the top earners in Access Bank. Their monthly take home is between ₦595,000 and ₦700,000  in addition to other benefits and packages that they are entitled to.

5. Bank Managers

This category of staff are among the highest paid staff in the country. Their salary ranges from around ₦690,000 to ₦800,000 monthly with packages like an official vehicle that comes with the position.

Aside the above listed categories of workers, other members of the staff are security officers, cashiers and cleaners whose salary monthly decided based on the agreement between the bank and the Human Resource company whose service the bank hires.

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