My NYSC experience by Obijekwu David

Name: Obijekwu David. C.

State of Deployment: Delta state

PPA: Ministry of Woman Affairs and Community Development, Asaba


My NYSC Journey started when I found out my name was mobilize and I was posted to Nassrawa, That’s where I camp, “Nassrawa” Camp is a “GOAl” , I really enjoy my days in Camp, is one of the best camp in north, I never  expected to travel so far for my NYSC, I spent 9-10 hours going to Nassarawa, all my prayers and hope is that I will be posted to DELTA state and finally my Redeployment successful work out, Right now I’m currently serving in Delta state under OSHIMMILI SOUTH L.G.A, My name is Obijekwu David .C., My PPA is Ministry of Woman Affairs and Community Development.

My Days in Camp

Generally my first week in camp is not so easy for me, especially the first day I entered camp, the most hectic and stressful situation is the moment everyone is rushing for documentation, I entered camp very late hour because of the far distance, after everything that Night, I face another “Noise” challenge sleeping with not less than 250 coppers, before I get myself next morning, what I’m hearing is morning “Bilgu” (Trumpet) Sound “KPALA-LA-LAM-LA KPA”, I bend down to wear my shoe, see soldiers troop in Shouting  ‘Hey’ you OTONDO fowl bending down if I catch you there eeeh! As I come out heading to assemble ground Jeje, see another solider shouting Hey you “WHITE FOWL” if you’re walking your Wrong, I start enjoying my stays in camp when we was grouped by platoon and all programs in camp was timed , lucky for me I fall in Platoon 3 and I’m the Mr Macho. I enjoy the four cardinal programs of NYSC which is drill, lectures, skill acquisition and manual work, always found myself in front seat when SAED ICT training is going on, It’s very wise to participate or join one group in camp.

After Camp to My PPA (Place of Primary Assignment)

On the day of passing out from camp, I was so eager to see where I was posted, when I received my letter, I was so happy that my redeployment workout successful, I went to my PPA on Monday, I meet my fellow corps member waiting also, to my greatest surprise we waited there till evening before the office attend to us, I came back the next day for documentation, The protocols for the documentation between my PPA and Local Government was very stressful, I have to take down my posting letter Acceptance to L.G, and other documents and received form from them to fill, after, I still go back to My PPA, and still come back to L.G and write Letter through them for my three weeks break! Menh I spent a lot of money on transport for it, but finally we succeed.

Work and CDS (Community Development Service) Time Spend

My CDS “Community Development Service” is another good time spent, very compulsory to attend, we shared Knowledge together as youth, is a great opportunity to meet all your friends you camp with, but is not an easy task for me going it once every week , sometimes I feel tired when I wake up and realized that every Monday is my CDS.

Obijekwu David. C.

Delta state

Ministry of Woman Affairs and community development asaba

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