My NYSC experiance by Fortunate Lastborn Uchechi


Name: Fortunate Lastborn Uchechi

State of Deployment: Ebonyi state

PPA: Ministry of Health, Ebonyi

Batch: 2018 Batch ‘C’ Stream1

On that fateful Tuesday morning of 23rd October 2018, I took off to the park, from Abia State, to get a vehicle going to Afikpo, Ebonyi State. Lo and behold, I got to Afikpo and took a bike down to Old Mac-gregor Camp.

I was so lucky to secure a bed space as early as 11am, then I proceeded to the registration unit and was cleared.

24th Oct(2nd day camp opened)

I was on my bunk enjoying my sleep, when they blew the buggle around 4:30am, I started crying on how to go out by that time.

Chai, life no easy o, I murmured.

25th October,Swear in ceremony

We had our early morning meditation with the first meditation topic on “EMPATHY”, after which we had our parade rehearsal and was asked to go and prepare for the ceremony,with our 6/7 attire. I rushed down to the hostel, took my bath and began to dress up. I brought out my uniform and everything I needed to look good on that day.

I came down from my bed (I was staying up bunk), wore my over sized shoe (size 44), wore my khaki trouser, raised my head to take my belt on my bed, lo and behold, my belt has been kidnapped (stolen). Hia! This early morning, I shouted.

I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I went to the store, in tears I explained to them what has happened to me and they laughed at me as an Otondo nah.

The store officer gave me a new belt and told me to sign an undertaking that I will never tell anyone that my belt was replaced. I quickly signed and dragged my jungle boot of size 44, to the parade ground….

At the end of the day, I became a gentleman corps member…


After the swear in ceremony, everybody was so happy and we were busy taking selfies, not knowing that was the beginning of our suffering in Mac-Gregor camp, Afikpo.

After the morning meditation, we were handed over to the man o’war officers and we started our songs, like JANKARA MARKETING, SUWEWE SUWEWE and the rest of them.

Electric Ant Bite..

Vuum, my village people came down to the camp and I became one of the victims of electric ant bite.

This ant really dealt with me, both on my legs, my laps, my back, but thank God my face was spared.

Camp life is legitimate, but it’s fun!

I enjoyed every bit of it.

On the day of our camp POP, we received my posting letter and It was written, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, Abakaliki, I knelt down and thanked God. Most of my friends were posted to the villages.

The NCCF buses were there to convey us to our different local governments.

The next day I went to my PPA and I was accepted, which enabled me finish up my documentation at the local government and ready to go home.

The joy of wearing khaki to my house has always been my dream and I thank God it became a reality at last.

NYSC life is not an easy one, but I believe it is the best experience any student will not afford to miss.

To me, Ebonyi state is a very good place to serve in,though no job opportunities, but your security is sure, no too much spending and you are entitled to 10,000 of state allowance,God bless Governor Umahi.

Some say NYSC is a scam, please don’t allow them to inculcate fear in you and make you loose interest in it, go and serve Nigeria and find out yourself if it’s a scam or not.

As for me, this is the best and most organized scheme in Nigeria.

God bless NYSC, God bless Ebonyi State, God bless Nigeria.




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