My NYSC experience by Omokinwa Marvellous (Rivers Corper)

Name: Omokinwa Marvellous

State code: Rv/18A/0039

PPA: Community Secondary School krakrama, Rivers State.

Batch: 2018 ‘A’

Degree: B.Sc. Agricultural Science


The NYSC Orientation camp experience was the first and interesting experience to me as corps member. Some say it’s stressful though, but to me it was fun-filled.

After my registration, I collected my meal ticket which directly help me to enjoy life through out my camping. I participated in physical activities like man ‘O’ war Drill, Lectures  and skill acquisitions  program. During skill acquisition I learnt more about horticulture.


Immediately I resumed to my place of primary assignment, I was given Agricultural science and physical and health Education to teach from Junior Section Secondary School 1-3. As an Agriculturist and A trained teacher at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I teach my students in accordance to the recognized curriculum. I prepared my  lesson note on daily basis. I covered 18 periods per week.

During this period, I was the game master for the whole school, that is both  Junior and Senior Section and also I was the CDS president. I equally taught the students how to plant egg plants, how to prepare egg plant fruits and the health benefits of morning plant.

During long vacation I organized holiday lesson for all the community pupils and students, I also engaged in fishing and paddling of canon.

During Governorship election, I lied down on the floor for 22 hours during sporadic gun shot at Abonnema community of Rivers State, it was like war film.I really bless God for my life and safety.


Our CDS group was based on Sanitation,  we engaged in clearing all the road leading to the community and all the bushes around the community market, apart from this we engaged in picking round the community just to make the community neat and free of sickness and diseases.

We also held a day seminar on community empowerment (bead making,  indoor flower production, peanut making) and HIV sensitization. We also bought a new wheel barrow to make life easy for new corps members.


Immediately I resumed to my place of primary assignment (Community Secondary School). I discovered that the students and the Community youths love sport but there is no facilities and sport equipment to display their talents. Again, I find out that lack of facilities like volleyball and basketball courts causes few physical challenges that contribute to an increased rate of obesity, lowered well-being  and reduce general enjoyment of the students at school.

Omokinwa Ige Marvellous then engaged on physical interview with the students, community youths, community Elders to know weather they need facilities like volleyball and basketball courts.

Immidiately Omokinwa Ige Marvellous discovered  that the project will provide community Secondary School and the whole community a standard of care where people at all age and skills level can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities aimed at enhancing learning and enjoyment in school. Then, I mobilized my students, the teachers, community youths, community Elders to engaged on the construction of volleyball court and erection of basketball pole. The youth, the students and the Community churches support the project from the Excavation phase to Training phase.

I trained my students by engaged them on how to construct a standard volleyball court and erection of basketball pole and all the material needed were shown to my students. With this I can vouch for my students that they can construct a standard volleyball court with little supervision. Immediately  we completed the project, I trained my students on how to play volleyball and how to maintain volleyball court.

This project has brought revival to the dieing sport activities at community Secondary School krakrama, and to the krakrama community as a whole.

Omokinwa İge Marvellous


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