My NYSC experience by Raji Ibrahim Olanrewaju (Lagos Corper)

Name: Raji Ibrahim Olanrewaju

State of deployment: Lagos State

Local Government: Alimosho

PPA: Mabtaus Islamic Modern School

Batch: 2018 Batch ‘C’

My NYSC experience

My experience with this scheme is another experience entirely starting from the orientation course, where different students from different higher institution throughout the universe come together to serve their father land.

This has really help me to meet with different people, which I also learn how to relate with them, because of individual difference, relating myself with them helps me to know how most of Nigeria lectures behaves and relates to their students.

It teaches us to withstand any circumstances which comes our way in term of the morning drill, wake up as early as 3 am or 4 am which has been helping me since I started going to my PPA. Starting for hours in the morning and the likes.

The orientation course has so many features in it, SAED as the name implies it really help us to know how to create wealth on our own, to start up a business, self employed without seeking for white collar jobs anywhere.

It an eyes opener to different opportunity outside, moving further in one’s education, the collaboration of this scheme with others professional bodies like NIM: National Institute of Management and the likes.

The issue of local Government is another experience on it own, meeting with ones inspector for Registration and the monthly bio-metrics, the CDS group. Where you can contribute your own quota to the development of the society you meet yourself.

Where you can carry out a project for the benefit of the society in which ones is building his name, which can lead to local, state or even federal award.

My place of primary assignment is a Muslim school, where Muslim and Christians are working as a staff.

I belong to educational group CDS, once a member of SDG’s. Working with the school team is a priority for me. I told the school management that will they allow me to work on the effect of the academic performance of their students, which was approved to me, where I was able to identify some students with learning difficulties, which was a result of family factor, background factor, peer group influence, even the staff negative thought to the students, which I was able to try my best to minimize it to the least, as I a result of this, the students, those that involve family background, I pay a visit to their parents which they promise us positive results.

An orientation program was scheduled for the parents on how to help in the improvements of their ward academic performance.

Also I organized a seminar for the academic staff on the importance of instructional material to academic performance of students, which has really help the school to improve on the effective use of the instructions materials.

Apart from the seminar organize the school management also ask me to organize another before the resumption  of the second term. Since them I was given the post of examination officer as the highest post which they give out for corpers.

Parents of the wards in my school has always been grateful to me, sometimes they do give me raw food, money, clothes even my neighbor, due pay for rent, because they respect corpers that respect themselves.

Group of corpers in my area organise a free tutorial for secondary school students, those willing to write External examination, without collecting penny, but what we receive daily from our students and their parents is more than a enough in terms of monetary aspect.

I need to hang up my pen for next time.

Thank you.

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