My NYSC experiences by Gift Wilcox

Name: Gift Wilcox

State posted: Ekiti State

Batch: 2018 Batch ‘A’

PPA: Ekiti State University

Few weeks back, I was just a Prospective Corps Member (PCM) but that’s no more. Before entering camp, I read different posts of which most made camp life appear like hell, a dungeon etc. Though some tried preparing us for the worst but while trying to do so ended up painting the wrong picture. I entered camp with the mindset of making out positivity out of every inconvenience and discomfort and I have done that successfully.

To other PCM, listen up, no doubt camp is regimented, your time is being controlled by the officials, you’ll wake up very early but not by 2 or even 3:00am as I read (It’s totally dependent on individual as meditation starts 4:30, so waking up by 2 or 3 is personal. I wake up 3:30 or later than that (but having the set time in mind). Some do wake by 2:00am just to start making up to look dazzling (reason some people pass the wrong message on the wake up time). As for under the sun and rain (it depends on the camp) we’re are considered when it rains heavily just like this morning, (reason I had time to write this).

Camp life is fun if you choose to see it that way. To some it’s hectic. I had severe body pains after the military drills but that didn’t make me feel terrible in any way, humans differ but if you open your heart and see your mind to enjoy every bit of the activities in camp, trust me, you would wish the camp doesn’t end.

You’re what you think. Fear not, if a slimzy like me who is used to bathing hot water, enjoys my sleep, shys away from exercises etc, could adapt, you sure will.




#My_Nysc_dairy. 😘 ✒ 🖊

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