N-Power Batch ‘C’ Live Test Questions Sample on NASIMS portal

Did you apply for N-power Batch ‘C’ programme and yet to write your online test? If ‘yes’, there is a good news for you. We have compiled the test questions that were asked those that just wrote the test few minutes ago. Before you proceed to write your N-power test, kindly check below the N-power live test questions sample on NASIMS portal.

N-Power Batch 'C' Live Test Questions Sample on NASIMS portalThe N-power test questions on this page are LIVE questions. It was submitted to Nyscinfo.com by those that have taken their test.

WARNING: The questions might not be exactly the same when writing your own test, because the federal government is not f00lish. But, at least it would give you an idea of what was asked those that just completed writing the test few hours ago.

N-Power NASIMS Batch ‘C’ Ongoing Test Questions Sample

1. With what do we catch a thief?

A. Thief
B. Police
C. Soldier
D. Gun
E. Army

2. Which of the following non alcoholic beverages is known as ‘Queen Beverage:

A. Coffee
B. Tea
C. Cocoa
D. Cola
E. Lipton

3. Complete each of the following statements with the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E

Our school ____ for the summer holidays on 10th July.

A. Breaks up
B. Breaks down
C. Breaks in
D. Breaks off
E. Breaks through

4. Find the best option
_: trail :: grain : Grail

A. Train
B. Path
C. Wheat
D. Holy
E. Weave

5. What instrument is used to measure temperature?

A. Barameter
B. Scale
C. Thermometer
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

6. Estimate to the nearest 10?
14.16 x 2.93

A. 44
B. 45
C. 40
D. 46
E. 47

7. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions.
____ going to the party tonight?

A. Whose
B. Which
C. Who’s
D. Where
E. My/ours

8. Choose the correct option

If ‘Pink’ is called ‘Orange’.
‘Orange’ is called ‘Blue’.
‘Blue’ is called ‘Red’. ‘Red’ is called ‘Green’. ‘Green’ is called ‘Black’ and ‘Black’ is called ‘white’. What would be the color of human blood?

A. Orange
B. Blue
C. Black
D. Red

9. Find the option that relates to the question

Bread is related to Bakery in the same way as Brick is related to?.

A. Mint
B. Kiln
C. Furnace
C. Mine
D. Oven

10. Complete each of the following statements with the most appropriate of the options lettered A-E

I think Dan fell ___love with Alice.

A. For
B. With
C. In
D. To
E. Into

11. If the word LEADER is code as 20-12-9-12-13-26, how would you write LIGHT?

A. 20-16-15-17-22
B. 20-16-17-15-27
C. 20-15-16-18-22
D. 20-17-15-16-28
E. Lawyer

12. Fill the gap with the most appropriate option from list provided.

The following: she, mine, himself belong to which part of speech?

A. Conjunction
B. Pronoun
C. Verb
D. Noun

13. Choose the correct option

Rohul walks in a shopping complex 150 m East, then he return North and walks 180 m, then she turns west and walks 70 m, then he turns to her left and walks 180 m. Where is she now with reference to his starting position?

A. 80 m West
B. 220 m East
C. 80 m East
D. 220 m West
E. 110 m West

14. A number of bees living in the some place

A. Barn
B. Swarm
C. Hive
D. Team
E. Goggle

15. A trader bought goats for 4,000 each. He sold them for 180,000 at a lost of 25%. How many goats did he buy?

A. 50
B. 60
C. 36
D. 45

16. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions.

Physics ____a subject that has grown enormously in importance during this century.

A. Are
B. Was
C. Is
D. Have

17. In a school, 220 students offer Biology or Mathematics or both. 125 offer Biology and 110 Mathematics. How many offer Biology but not Mathematics.

A. 110
B. 95
C. 80
D. 125

18. Each of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 140°. Calculate the sum of all the interior angles of the polygon.

A. 1080°
B. 1260°
C. 2160°
D. 1800°
E. 960°

19. Fill the gap with the most appropriate option from list provided

Beans and yam ____ my favourite dish

A. We’re
B. Are
C. Is
D. Are being

20. Full meaning of CBN

A. Common Bank of Nigeria
B. Central Bank of Nigeria
C. Central Bureau of Nigeria
D. Central Bank of Natio
E. Central Bank in Nigeria

Note: The questions are not complete yet. We are still compiling it, kindly refresh this page after some minutes! Thanks

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  1. Nwabueze Okezie

    I tried the nasim test for three times and I didn’t submit so if am trying to write again,they will say my npower ID has been blocked, pls what should I do

  2. The web page timed out during the test. I was about to submit, still had less than 9 minutes on the clock. Suddenly, everything was white. I couldn’t login again, I tried a couple of times and I was told my account have been blocked. I mailed the support but all to no avail. My ID is NPWR/2020/004612409. Thank you

  3. Anytime i login to take test, i always encounter dis problem—- verification for NPWR/2020/004766807 failed. Pls help me out.

    1. Abubakar Abdullahi Muhammad

      I have updated my profile in nasims but I couldn’t take the nasims test, I don’t know the problem? If you can help me with a solution please.

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