Nasims Gives Instructions For Solving Npower Batch C1 Failed August Payment

The failure of some batch C stream 1 beneficiaries’ August Npower Stipend payments has received a new report from Npower Nasims management. In the provided update. Nasims penned:

Npower C1 Beneficiaries, Here Are The Requirements To Fix The Failed August Payment

Please be aware that we will only be able to address and effectuate your missed August payment if you supply your npower ID and NIN, according to Nasims.

To prevent your account information from being compromised, please forward the above requirements to the Npower official email. Alternatively, you can forward the necessary information along with a detailed problem to this email:

For potential solutions, contact The issue should be clearly explained and the necessary data should be attached. said Nasims.

However, keep in mind to participate in the ongoing Npower work Nation exercise for the exited Npower batch C1 beneficiaries so you can take use of other empowerment opportunities intended for exited Npower beneficiaries while you are working on your unpaid August stipends.

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