NPC E-Recruitment 2023: How To retrieve Access Code And Application ID

We will cover How To Retrieve the Access Code And Application ID in today’s NPC E-Recruitment 2023 article, and we will also provide answers to some important questions about the NPC 2023 census Adhoc staff recruitment.

We are pleased to inform those of you with inquiries about how to get your Access Code and Application ID that the NPC E-Recruitment management team has provided an update on that.

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  1. Applicants should use their NIN to resume their application if it hasn’t been finished, and they will receive the Application ID as a confirmation message upon successfully submitting the application, according to the NPC E-Recruitment management team.

  2. If you’ve forgotten your access code, how can you continue your application?

Response: To continue the application, one needs to have either an Application ID or NIN. additional clarifications to the queries you have.

3) How can I find out the status of my application?

Response: Select “Check Application Status.” However, keep in mind that you cannot view your application status until the application window has been closed.

  1. What to do if NIN verification is not available.

Response: Hold off till it is accessible.

5) Is it possible to alter your application if you accidentally selected ad-hoc staff instead of NPC staff?

Response: You cannot alter it. The error cannot be changed.

6) What to do if your application was complete but you were unable to submit it.

Response: Reload your browser.

7) What to do if your ID does not allow you to log in?

Response: Check to make sure your ID is accurate and try again.

8) What if you failed to take a photo of your application’s results before you submitted them?

Response: After an application has been submitted, no additional documents may be included.

9) If you uploaded a photo of yourself rather than a certificate. Now what?

Response: After an application has been submitted, no additional documents may be included.

10) What to do if you experience difficulties taking photos

Response: Give your browser permission to utilize your camera.

  1. What to do if you submitted your application but did not receive a confirmation SMS or email?

Response: Network service provider delay

12) Is there a place to enter bank information?
Response: Only accepted applicants will be able to supply their bank account information

13) What level of education is required to apply?
Response: SSCE

14) What is the minimum age requirement to apply?

Response: 18 years

15) What is the age limit for applications?
Response: 60 years

Please feel free to get in touch with the NPC hotline, email address, and social media outlets listed below for further information about NPC e-recruitment.

NPC e-Recruitment Contact
Facebook: National Population Commission

Instagram: npc_nigeria

Twitter: natpopcom


YouTube: NPC Nigeria

Phone: 0700 023 6787


  1. Please I forget my application I’D and I’m not done with the registration please how can i retrieve my application I’D or how can i login please i need ur assistant

  2. I forgot my application id and I’m not done with the registration please how can I retrieve my application Id or how can I login please

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