Nasims New Update on Pending Status And Pass Status

The Npower management has provided a new update on the status of Nasim’s verification. Do Not Report to PPA If Your Nasims Status Has Not Changed to Pass or Still Shows Pending, according to them. Read on for more information!

“If your verification status has never changed to PASS for once after your physical verification process and it’s still pending till now, kindly note, your physical verification exercise was not successful and you are not expected to report at your PPA.”

“However, should there be any arrangement for supplementary verification for all concerned, it will be communicated across in due course.

Thank you!”

I suppose this also applies to beneficiaries who were recently deployed without taking part in the just completed physical verification exercise.

“We sincerely apologize for any unsolicited change of program status (From Beneficiary to Applicant) on your dashboard. If you’ve encountered such change, kindly call our official lines for assistance 092203102 018888340 while we work to restore the system to normalcy.”

How do I check the status of my NPower Batch C deployment?

Visit and log in to your dashboard to check your N-Power Deployment Status. The Deployment button will appear at the top of your Nasims profile; click it.

Your batch C Deployment Status will appear as soon as you click the deployment button in your nasims profile.

If you’ve been deployed, you’ll get a message like this:


“Dear, you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.”

However, if you have not been deployed, you will receive the following response:

“Dear, you have not been deployed yet”.

You have yet to be deployed. Please return after the deployment date has been set to find out more about the deployment.

Why haven’t I been designated as a Batch C N-Power Beneficiary?

Note that in order to be deployed as a beneficiary of the NPower batch C program, you must first take the NPower Test and score over the recommended cut-off mark.

Source: Nyscinfo

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