NASIMS Speaks on Batch C Shortlisted Candidates

It is no longer news that many Batch C candidates of NASIMS beneficiaries were recently stunned after they logged in to their profile dashboard and found a message saying “NO BVN DATA”, meaning that the all-important Bank Verification Number was unavailable on the portal.

This caused a lot of panic as many who stand the chance of being paid as the NASIMS management prepares to disburse funds feared the unavailability of their BVN data may hinder them from receiving their funds when the payment fully begins. Meanwhile, NASIMS has spoken on Batch C Shortlisted Candidates incident.

According to information from some of the affected applicants and investigation by your informative website, some beneficiaries profiles showed “No BVN Data” while others displayed “BVN Validated on the Identification field of the applicants’ NASIMS Dashboard.

Another set of applicants had “Invalid” feedback from the system at the logging in and out of the portal, pointing to the likelihood of the issue being one caused by poor network service.


The National Social Investment Management Systems (NASIMS) has enjoined applicants whose dashboard is displaying “No BVN Data” to disregard the message as it might have be caused by poor network issue.

This was revealed by National Social Investment Management Systems (NASIMS) after it received many messages from applicants complaining about the abnormal, unusual message seen on the dashboard upon logging in to the NASIMS official portal,

NASIMS, in a reply to the email seen by, apologized for the issues encountered by the Batch C applicants and urged them to disregard the message displayed on the dashboard, saying that it was an error caused by poor network issues.

NASIMS assured the affected applicants that their BVN has been validated on the self-service portal and, therefore, they should have no cause to be worried.

All Batch C applicants have been forwarded to NASIMS. You are therefore expected to wait patiently for the release of the deployment list, the date of which is yet to be announced by NASIMS.

NASIMS Speaks on Batch C Shortlisted Candidates.

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