Ngozi Ezeonu Biography, Family and Career

Ngozi Ezeonu is one of the influential mamas in the Nigerian movie industry. She is a woman whose roles in movies portray, perfectly, the flamboyance of Igbo royalty and the prestige that comes with being a Queen of a Kingdom. To many young women across Nigeria, she is a model whose achievements in the film industry are a history that generations will come to read about.

Ngozi Ezeonu Biography

Ngozi Ezeonu Biography

Ngozi Ezeonu was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. D.O Ikpelue of Ogbunike, Anambra state, on 23rd May 1965. She gained a Diploma Degree in Journalism and worked briefly as a journalist. Before she became a journalist, she worked as a hairstylist before attending the school of journalism.

Career In Nollywood

In 1993, she joined Nollywood, bringing her short journey in the journalism industry to an end. She started her movie journey when she was offered a role in her first movie, Nneka the Pretty Serpent, by Zeb Ejiro. In the movie, she played her supporting role so outstandingly that the movie become famous. The success of her first appearance brought her another role in the movie Glamour Girls, where she starred alongside Liz Benson and Gloria Anozie.

What Was Ngozi Ezeonu Doing Before She Became An Actor

Ngozi Ezeonu attended a school of journalism and got a diploma in journalism. After a brief stint in journalism profession, she received an offer of a movie role which she took, abandoning her journalism profession for the screen.


She has appeared in many movies in Nigeria. Some of these movies include: Women of Faith, About to Wed, A Private Storm, Love of a Daughter, Child of Pain, and Royal Adventure etc. in 2012, she won a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor at the 8th Africa Movie Academy Awards after featuring in the movie Adesuwa. Some of her first movies include Glamour Girls, Shattered Mirror and Tears of a Prince, etc.

Personal Life

Ngozi Ezeonu has six siblings, among whom there are five males and a lady. She is married to Edwin Ezeonu and they have four children.

Some Interesting Facts About Her

• She once practiced journalism.

• Being that she sees herself as a role model to young people, which she is, she doesn’t accept roles that portray nudity.

• She doesn’t play roles that oppress or molest children.

Source: Nyscinfo

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