NIS Physical Screening Date For 2023 Recruitment

The Nigeria Immigration physical screening is a crucial step in the recruitment process conducted by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). In this article, we shall look at the the NIS physical screening date.

The Nigeria Immigration Service physical screening is designed to assess the physical fitness, health, and overall suitability of applicants for various positions within the Immigration Service.

Upon successful completion of the initial application and examination stages, candidates who meet the required criteria are invited for the physical screening.

This stage is essential as it allows the NIS to evaluate the physical capabilities and readiness of applicants to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with the desired position.

NIS recruitment physical screening venues

The physical screening typically takes place at designated venues across different states or zonal commands in Nigeria.

Candidates are usually notified of the date, time, and venue of the screening well in advance to allow for adequate preparation.

It is important for applicants to arrive at the venue on time and come fully prepared with the necessary documentation and equipment as specified by the NIS.

NIS physical screening date

According to information sighted by Nyscinfo, the Nigeria Immigration Service physical screening date for 2023 recruitment will hold from 14th to 28th June, 2023.

During the physical screening, candidates are put through a series of physical tests and exercises to evaluate their physical fitness levels. These tests may include:

  1. Height and weight measurement: Candidates’ height and weight are measured to ensure they meet the required standards set by the NIS.

  2. Physical endurance test: This test assesses the candidates’ stamina and endurance through activities such as running, long-distance walking, or other cardiovascular exercises.

  3. Strength and agility test: Candidates may be required to demonstrate their strength, agility, and coordination through exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, obstacle courses, or similar activities.

  4. Medical examination: A medical examination is conducted to assess the overall health and medical fitness of the candidates. This may include checking vital signs, conducting vision and hearing tests, and assessing general physical health.

  5. Document verification: Candidates are expected to provide the necessary identification documents, academic certificates, and any other supporting documents for verification.

The physical screening is usually conducted under the supervision of trained personnel from the NIS. They ensure fairness, transparency, and adherence to the established standards and guidelines throughout the process. Candidates are expected to follow instructions, maintain discipline, and exhibit good conduct during the screening.

Successful candidates who meet the required standards in the physical screening will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, which may include further interviews, background checks, and training.

It is important for applicants to adequately prepare for the NIS physical screening by engaging in regular physical exercises, maintaining good overall health, and following any specific guidelines provided by the NIS.

Being physically fit and mentally prepared increases the chances of success in the screening process and enhances the prospects of joining the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment physical screening Date

We are pleased to inform you that the Nigeria Immigration Service Board Recruitment Screening will commence on June 14th till June 28th, 2023. This was approved by the Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Services Board (CDCFIB). learnt that over 45,323 candidates that wrote the screening test, about 6,105 candidates have been shortlisted to attend the final/physical screening excercise.

Shortlisted candidates will get notifications via their emails and SMS any moment from now.

Stay updated with NIS information

It’s important to stay updated and regularly check the official NIS channels for any announcements or notifications related to the physical screening dates. This will ensure that you have the most accurate information and can adequately prepare for the screening process.

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