NSCDC and NIS Releases Latest Recruitment Update

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) were separate entities in Nigeria, each with distinct responsibilities.

NSCDC and NIS Recruitment update

Here is the latest updates regarding the NIS and NSCDC recruitment. See the timetable below:

Here’s an overview of these organizations and their recruitment processes:

1. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigeria Immigration Service is responsible for the control of immigration and related matters, such as the issuance of passports, the enforcement of immigration laws, and the facilitation of legal migration. The NIS periodically conducts recruitment exercises to fill vacancies within its ranks. These recruitment exercises typically involve various stages, including online applications, screening tests, interviews, medical examinations, and background checks. The exact requirements and processes may vary depending on the specific recruitment exercise and the positions being advertised.

2. Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is a paramilitary organization in Nigeria that is tasked with ensuring the protection of lives and property, maintaining peace and order, and providing security against threats within the country. The NSCDC also conducts recruitment exercises to select suitable candidates for various positions.

The recruitment process usually involves the publication of vacancy announcements, submission of applications, screening tests, physical fitness assessments, interviews, medical examinations, and background checks. The specific requirements and procedures may differ based on the advertised positions and the recruitment exercise.


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  1. If your certificate is missing, will you be allowed to use a photocopied certificate in place of original in pbysical verification with an accused from the court for missing document?

    • In the case of missing certificate, go with the following:

      1. Photocopies of the original
      2. Court affidavit
      3. Cover letter from your institution stating that the missing Certificate was issued.

    • If you are an employer, would you give someone you have not seen a job?
      The physical screening is to physically examine you to ensure you are fit for the job. Your original documents would also be checked to make sure they are genuine

  2. Please sir, after this physical excrise, are they going to shortlist again?
    Will there be any reason for disqualification?
    Rumors that this is not he final list

  3. Sir thanks you for considering us,waht I don’t know is that are they sending this SMS state by state what sir?

  4. Pls sir,have they started sending SMS to successful candidates? Because I haven’t received any but I wrote the aptitude test

  5. Thanks sir for genuine and kind help to expectant application may God bless you.
    Sir Will the final training i.e (2weeks camp) comes after the physical screening?

  6. The portal is still lock,please after these third stage of shortlist,do they still cut people off or these is the final stage, thanks

  7. Please I’m yet to see th pdf for the nis
    Anyone should help me with it….I have full interest and passion to serve this country Nigeria

  8. Thank U Sir, The Able Sir HUMPHERY for Ur Prompts and genuine Updates, in fact, U make life Comfortable by lots of dissemination of informations.


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