NIMC Discontinued Old National ID Instruct Nigerians To Enroll For NIN

Are you one of those who think the current National Identity card is same with the old one? Do you still have, and make use of the old National Identity Card? If ‘yes’ then see what NIMC have to say about the old National Identity Card.

National Identity Card is one of the official, and compulsory means of identification in Nigeria right from 2003, when it was introduced.

The body incharge of issuing the National Identity card (NIMC), decided to make some changes to the card by adding more details like biometric capture, and other information that weren’t in the previous one.

And it was made compulsory from September 1st, 2015, as it was said to be used for different situations (multi-purpose).

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has come to realize that most persons having the old National Identity Card are now using it to link their NIN to their SIM cards, which won’t in any way work.

The body NIMC is now advising the general public to go and enrol for National Identification Number (NIN), as the old identity card has been rendered invalid (discontinued).

From the above information, we are now using this medium to advise everyone who are yet to enrol for NIN to kindly visit any of NIMC centres close to them, or better still fill the pre-enrolment form online before visiting their office to complete the enrollment process.

NIMC recently launched a mobile app to assist in printing the new National Identity card, and linking of NIN to SIMs.

It will be a great help to your friends, and relatives if you share this information with them.

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