5 Things to Happen if Npower volunteers are given Permanent Offer

Right from the commencement of National Social investment programme (NSIP) by F.G, Npower beneficiaries and officials have been expecting realiable response about been permanent workers in several sectors.

Npower Beneficiaries have being seeking for a permanent offer, even after been told that the duration of the program is two (2) years.

Although, there will be a great advantage for both officials of Npower, and its beneficiaries, if the permenency issue is being resolved through the several empowerment programs put in place by Federal Government of Nigeria.

5 possible outcome if Npower volunteers are given Permanent Offer

  1. Economic Growth: There will be an improvement in the country’s economy, as exited beneficiaries will have the opportunity to deliver in their assigned sectors (either in Nexit or other schemes) by using the experiences gathered during their Npower service.

  2. Reduce Unemployment Rate: Once the exited Npower batch A and B volunteers are being absorbed by different governmental/private organizations, the rate of unemployment will reduce drastically. It will be more helpful if those that aren’t employable, are empowered via the CBN empowerment options e.g NEXIT.

  3. Reduce illegal Migration: In the quest of making it in life, many youths tend to travel out of the country to a foreign land through inappropriate means. If the youths are been empowered by the government, the eagerness to travel out, all in the name of searching for greener pastures will be minimize. And the name of the country (Nigeria), will gain more respect in the world at large.

  4. Minimize Crime Rate: One of the reason behind the increase crime rate, and insecurity in the country is lack of employment. The youths are jobless with no single source of income, whereas, their responsibilities are so high that they can’t by any means survive. This makes them to go into crime, despite been a graduate. Once they are been engaged by any of the transition scheme, it will reduce the rate of crime nationwide as the youths won’t be idle to think about anything bad (i.e crime).

  5. Building of self esteem: Realizing that one has something doing (a job), brings about self-esteem. Hence, the Npower scheme really makes its beneficiaries comfortable that they are useful to the society, and has something doing.

After been engaged for two years plus, and break a news that they are going back to the street to hunt for job will definitely make them loss that self esteem they built long ago. So, it will be wise if they are absorb into civil service rather than starting from the scratch to search for job.

Note: The permanency issue of Npower exiting beneficiaries into several sector is still in progress, as the programs/schemes set-up by F.G to absorb them are recording good outcomes.

Therefore, all officials and Exiting volunteers should get their fingers crossed, and chill.

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