NITDA Training For 1 Million Nigerians (Apply Here)

Nigerians will receive training from the National Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (NCAIR) on how to design current technological products, including games, and how to manage them.

A specific initiative (NITDA) with the goal of training 1 million Nigerians includes group training.


Anyone in Abuja who is a citizen under the age of 15, has an undergraduate or graduate degree, is a candidate for this chance, as well as anyone else who is interested in earning money. What a look, training in contemporary technology is actually taking place in Abuja.

How To Apply

Pre-trainers and newcomers should click this link (Link) and complete the application: Apply here by clicking

Those who are unfamiliar with the subject should apply by clicking here.

The door is now open to anyone who is interested, and this month’s events will take place as advertised on the National Carnival Center (NCAIR).

2 thoughts on “NITDA Training For 1 Million Nigerians (Apply Here)”

  1. DESTINY Chukwuma

    Hello Sir, I am an ASSISTIVE tech enthusiast. I know that blind persons are able to conveniently learn various aspect of programming. I m blind. Are your trainings tailored towards helping prospective programmers who have disability like me? I am precisely interested in python programming.

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