Nkem Owoh Net Worth and Biography, Arrest & Death Rumor

Nkem Owoh popularly known as Osuofia, hails from Amagu community in Udi Local Government, Enugu State, born on 17th October 1960. He had his primary and secondary education in Nsukka, Enugu, before he gained admission to the University of Ilorin, where he studied Electrical Engineering. While studying in the University, he began acting and got many roles in TV series and screen productions in the early stage of the Nollywood. His name, Nkem, means someone dearly loved in Igbo language or someone irresistible.

Nkem Owoh Net Worth

Nkem Owoh Acting Career

Nkem Owoh’s first breakthrough in the movie industry came when he got a role in the adaption of the popular novel ‘Things Fall Apart’, a novel written by the legendary Chinua Achebe. As Nollywood improved, he earned himself a supporting role in Ukwa (1 and 2) in 1995 together with veteran actors like Patience Ozokwor and the late Sam Loco Efe. According to statistics, Nkem has appeared in over 200 movies and TV productions, with his biggest and most popular movie being ‘Osuofia in London’, which was received in 2003.

Record Artist

Nkem Owoh is also a singer. He recorded an album he titled “I Go Chop Your Dollar”, a song that seems to glorify scamming. Many believed that the song became an anthem for real scammers. Later, the song was banned by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Arrest & Nollywood Ban

In 2007, he experienced in real life some roles he portrayed in movies, as he was arrested and detained in Amsterdam, Holland, at the venue of a music concert where he was billed to perform. It was reported that he infringed on immigration laws and fraud in lotteries for close to seven months, leading to him being caught in the middle of Operation Apollo.

In 2004, he was accused by Nollywood movie producers of charging excess appearance fees and was barred from acting in the country because of excessive demands by the Association of Movie Makers and Producers.

He was kidnapped in 2009 and a ransom of 15 million naira was demanded, but he was later released after his family paid 1.4 million to the kidnappers.

Death Rumour

In 2008, the internet was filled with rumors of his death after he stayed away from the movie scenes for sometimes. Some bloggers alleged he died from drug abuse while others said he was kidnapped and beheaded in Russia.

Family Life

Nkem Owoh is married to Ngozi Nkem Owoh in 1998, and they are blessed with two daughters.

Nkem Owoh net worth

Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) estimated Networth is $4 million. He is one of best comic actors you can find in Nigeria.

Source: Nyscinfo

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