NPC Application Status Pending: Here’s What To Do

We have received many complaints from NPC applicants on our comment section about the “Status Pending” problem being encountered by some who are afraid that the problem may prevent them from getting screened and thus deny of opportunity for selection as an Ad hoc staff for the 2023 general census.

If you are one of the applicants who is still dealing with this problem, please read this article till the end and follow the steps that we will show you here and get the issue out of the way. But if, however, your status remain on pending after applying the instructions we will give you in this article, kindly follow the advise that we will give at the end of this article. Ensure you first take the steps we will give before determining whether there will be any need to apply our advise.

How To Fix The NPC “Status Pending” Problem

One important issue that applicants don’t consider before trying to confirm their NPC application status is the need to know their application code. As an applicant, you must know your NPC application code before proceeding to confirm your application status on the NPC recruitment website.

I Have My Application Code But My Status Is Still Pending: What To Do

Attend the NPC Training in your LGA of application even if your status is pending because you might be given preference over approved applicants who did not attend the training. This is if you are still interested in taking part in the upcoming census.

Your status will change from pending to authorized if you are successful in attending the training. A NPC candidate who requested to be a facilitator and ran into a similar problem stated that, while her status was pending during training, it was later accepted after she attended the course.

13 thoughts on “NPC Application Status Pending: Here’s What To Do”

  1. I applied for facilitator but do to the pending issue I was not able to attend to the training facilitator,is possible to go to training since my portal is still showing me pending or can I change from facilitator to enumerator.thanks

  2. Tamunodiepiriye omu abam

    My application was submitted from the starting month of this announcement, yet my application has not been approved, others who applied later have theirs approved,I have also gone for the physical verification in the council, still waiting,I need help.

  3. Ado Barde Hamza

    Noted and well understood. What of the person who apply for the position of Field coordinator and his status is still pending, will he also participate in the training?

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