NPC Recruitment: Ad Hoc Staff Decry Poor Training Date Communication

The NPC ad hoc personnel hired for the upcoming census have expressed sadness over the poor communication of the training schedule by the management of the National Population Commission (NPC). The training session for supervisors and enumerators that was scheduled for April 31 has been postponed until further notice.

The National Population Commission (NPC) announced via its social media channels that it held an interactive workshop with bloggers and social media for a successful 2023 Population and Housing Census at its Abuja headquarters. The National Orientation Agency (NOA) and National Population Commission jointly coordinated the event.

The 2023 Nigerian census was originally scheduled to take place in April 2023; however, it was moved to May 2023 instead.

They have asked the NPC management to always offer accurate information on the training program via all social media channels for proper interaction in order to ensure full involvement from the hired census Adhoc employees.

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