Npower 2023 January, February & March Stipends Payment Update

We’ve observed that Npower batch C2 beneficiaries are starting to inquire about when their January, February, and March stipends will be paid. So we decided to write a post to keep you up to speed on the latest.

More payments are on the way for Npower batch C2 recipients, according to Npower. As a result, Npower batch C2 beneficiaries can be confident that their January, February, and March stipends will be paid shortly. For the time being, Npower is focusing on beneficiaries with invalid account details who are presently experiencing account validation in order to receive their October, November, and December 2022 stipend payments.

The most essential thing for any Npower beneficiaries right now is to avoid any situation that may cause Npower to suspend their stipends. How do you prevent this? You must not be discovered fleeing your main assignment PPA. More information can be found here. Npower will suspend payments to PPA absentees for 45 days.

While the Npower program was created to assist beneficiaries in gaining work experience in order to become employable, it is understandable that beneficiaries can look for and apply for other jobs without interfering with their Npower PPA duties.

It is recommended that you leave the Npower program if you ultimately get a better job while serving as a beneficiary.

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  1. How do work salary when you depend on npower and come month end no stipends for months and you say sit down at your PPA we all have family how do we sustain them for months without payment,yourself reason it


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