Npower As a Brand That Needs Sincerity

The purpose of the Npower scheme is to minimize, and if possible, eradicate, unemployment in Nigeria. Which makes Npower As a Brand a topic to deliberate on.

As a brand, it is one of the most searched words on the internet. Millions of Nigerians, with the aid of google searched engine, tend to get updated regarding the Npower scheme.

If the scheme can be sincere enough with its scheduled and stipulated targets, then alone will it be a major program that is introduced to eradicate severe poverty/unemployment.

The Npower program has a lot of reasons the standard of the initiative kept on declining, and these reasons balls down to the management. Read also: Npower Focal Persons Contact Numbers For All States

The management has to be sincere, creative, and seriously meet up with the designed expectation. Only then can the scheme be an effective empowerment program meant for the vibrant youths of the Nation.

In ensuring it meets up its main purpose, below are some developmental ways that ought to be considered;

  1. New batch of beneficiaries should be accommodated into the scheme yearly, and also at the right time without swing.
  2. Volunteers who must have rounded up the scheme for the stipulated time frame should not be disengaged without an exit package. This will enable them to continue being engaged instead of roaming the street jobless.
  3. There should be a collaboration/partnership with other private sectors. Especially those specialized in skill acquisition and production.

This will help increase the knowledge of the volunteers once they quit the program and set up their own firm in the very field.

Without doubt, the program can uplift millions of youths if structured rightly. Therefore, Npower as a brand needs sincerity of purpose.

Currently, the Batch C prospective beneficiaries are waiting for the program to begin fully, but still kept in the dark. This may interest you; Update on Npower Batch C Deployment Status

However, we advise them to always check their dashboard for any update. Click here to login to your Nasims profile dashboard.

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