New Prices of Vehicle Registration in Nigeria 2021

If you are a car owner in Nigeria, or a vehicle owner, on a wider scope, this article must be of great interest to you. The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has just made a very important announcement concerning the registration of new vehicles in Nigeria. The newly announced vehicle registration prices, we understand, has taken effect already and the government expects that the new vehicle registration prices be fully implemented by the Federal Road Safety Corps in line with the new policy. In this article, we will show you the prices for Vehicle Registration/Drivers’ Licence in Nigeria 2021.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has announced new prices for vehicles’ registration and drivers’ licence in Nigeria. According to the FRSC spokesperson, the regime of the new prices for vehicles’ registration and drivers’ licence in Nigeria has already taken effect, fully. He said that full implementation of the prices came to effect on 1st August 2021 and called on all vehicle owners and those seeking to apply for the drivers’ licence renewal or fresh application to comply with the latest prices as have been rolled out by the agency.

The public is to note that the new prices are categorized according to the type of plate number used by a specific vehicle. For instance, there some vehicles that uses the red plate number which indicates that such vehicles are used for commercial purposes, while the vehicles using the blue plate numbers are known for private uses. Vehicle Registration/Drivers’ Licence. Read the latest prices of motorcycle in Nigeria.

New Vehicle Registration in Nigeria 2021

  1. New blue plate number – N55, 000
  2. New red plate number – N65, 000
  3. New Articulated Plate Number – N100, 000
  4. Change of Ownership with blue plate number – N70, 000
  5. Change of Ownership with red plate number – N80, 000
  6. Change of Ownership with new Articulated plate number N115, 000
  7. Transfer of existing plate number from one vehicle to another – N35, 000
  8. Plate number replacement (If lost) – N36, 000

New Prices Drivers’ Licence in Nigeria 2021

  1. Fresh Drivers; Licence – N38, 000 – 5years Validity
  2. 3 years validity – N33, 000

Licence Renewal

  1. 5years Validity – N22, 500
  2. 3 years validity – N18, 000

Source: Nyscinfo

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