Npower Batch C Stream 2 Redeployment News For Beneficiaries

All beneficiaries who wish to be redeployed to a different state should write an email to, according to Nasims. Beneficiaries who wish to alter their primary assignment location within their state should complete the deployment form on the portal, submit it, and wait for further instructions.

Please contact us at 092203102 or 018888148 if you have any more questions. is an email address.

The Npower physical verification operation for batch c stream 2 applicants has begun, and applicants whose application details have been validated and judged successful should check their dashboard for posting information.

Please remember that before downloading your PPA letter and proceeding to your PPA for approval, you must complete your physical verification.

Beneficiaries should be aware that they must resume work within the first three days of being posted, according to management. They will be assigned to a supervisor who will evaluate them upon their return.

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