Npower Batch C1 Laments Over Changes in PPA

Npower management has publicly made 4th of October 2021, the official date for Npower Batch C1 resumption to PPA.

This alone has boosted their confidence in the scheme. Read also: What Batch C1 Should Do After Physical Verification.

Some of them are done with their acceptance process and even uploaded their deployment letter to the Nasims portal.

But to their greatest surprise, the management made some adjustment pertaining to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Some of the Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries who were posted to a particular PPA, ended up seeing another PPA in their profile dashboard.

This was discovered by the affected volunteers after completion of the physical verification exercise.

The changes got most of the newly engaged Npower Batch C stream 1 volunteers devastated.

Lamentations From Npower Batch C1 Over Changes in PPA

Complaints rendered by some of the affected volunteers are;

1. This is what a Volunteer known as Edujie U. Peter said;

Please, after I’ve successfully uploaded my PPA letter I was surprised to see a new place of primary assignment.

My former PPA has changed, does this mean I’m been redeployed? No insult please.

2. Another volunteer by name Azare has this to say;

Please, what can I do? Before physical verification, I was posted to a village called Ramin Kura.

Now, I am seeing Shafori primary school when I checked my profile dashboard.

Other related complaints were rendered by such affected volunteers, and this has made some of them confused.

We believe that the Npower management will address this situation soon.

For those who didn’t apply for redeployment and notice such changes, they can contact the Nasims support team.

This can be achieved by visiting the portal via

It is obvious that the management is looking for the best way out in accommodating the newly engaged volunteers.

Therefore, all volunteers should expect the best from the scheme rather than panicking.

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  1. OMOFOLARIN Johnson

    Please I applied for redeployment since last month an my request is still on pending till date, please I dnt know what to do. Please help..

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