What Batch C1 Should Do After Physical Verification

Are you confused about what to do next after completion of the physical verification? If ‘yes’ then this post ‘What Batch C1 Should Do After Physical Verification’ will provide the necessary answer.

The Batch C stream 1 of the Npower program are expected to resume work, after completion of the physical verification.

It would be discouraging if they end up encountering avoidable issues. Read also: Schedule Of Npower Batch C Stream 1 Physical Verification

To avoid unexpected issues, we have decided to enlighten the beneficiaries via this post regarding what to do.

What Batch C1 Should Do After Physical Verification

The expectations of all batch C stream 1 beneficiaries before on the 4th of October 2021 are;

  1. Ensure you download the deployment letter from the Nasims portal.
  2. Uploaded the printed deployment letter back to the Nasims portal after being signed by your PPA.
  3. Report to your PPA on the very day of resumption (4th of October 2021).

Anyone that must have completed step one (1) and two (2), should endeavor to resume work at their PPA.

Whereas, those who are yet to complete the above steps should not panic.

Efforts are being made to solve any technical challenges faced by such volunteer(s).

Hence, the management of Npower encourages volunteers to always visit their profile dashboard for updates.

You can as well contact the support team via;




Kindly disseminate this vital information to those who you know are affected in one way or the other.

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