How to Apply for Ecobank Loan in Nigeria

Ecobank is a well-known Nigerian bank that offers a variety of loans to help consumers meet their short-term financial needs. It’s worth noting that you could obtain up to 90% of your money back with an Ecobank loan. There is no requirement for collateral because you can repay it over a ten-year period. Aside from that, long- and short-term loans are available. This article reveals to you, how to apply for Apply for Ecobank Loan in Nigeria.

This Ecobank Loan can be applied for at any of their branches or by dialling the Ecobank Loan USSD number. Before we go into the method, let’s have a look at the secret to acquiring Ecobank loans. The requirements and types of loans Ecobank offers its customers are detailed in the remainder of this article.

What are the prerequisites for applying for Ecobank Loan in Nigeria?

You can get a loan quickly, but it’s simple for those who don’t know how once you know what you need.

The following are the criteria for an Ecobank loan:

Applicants must have banked with Ecobank for at least six months.

Applicants must submit a national identification card, an international passport, or a driver’s licence.

Please submit a utility bill.

How do I apply for a loan from Ecobank?

You can apply for an Ecobank loan in a number of ways, but to get started, you’ll need to:

Request a loan at one of their nearby locations. You can also use the Ecobank branch locator to find the Ecobank branch that is closest to you.

Ecobank’s banking system can be accessed by dialling *326#, which is the Ecobank’s immediate rapid loan code.

Is it possible for me to apply for different sorts of Ecobank Loans?

To help you meet your financial responsibilities, you can apply for a number of Apply for Ecobank Loan in Nigeria. They are as follows:

1. Ecobank Auto Loan

Customers of Ecobank plc can apply for an auto loan or an asset acquisition programme. This financing will assist you in realising your dream of acquiring a new car or generator. They arranged for this loan to cover up to 90% of the asset’s total cost.

2. Ecobank Advance Facility Loan

If you find yourself in a situation where you need money right away, Ecobank can help.

This Ecobank Advance Facility loan allows you to borrow up to 50% of your net monthly income in only a few days.

3. Ecobank Cash Backed Loan

If you have an existing deposit or investments with Ecobank, you can take advantage of their Cash Backed Loan, which is a pre-approved, low-interest loan that allows you to access cash without depleting your assets.

4. Ecobank Mortgage Loan

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, renovate an existing one, or refinance an existing one, we can help. This Ecobank Mortgage Loan is an excellent place to start.

5. Ecobank Personal Loan

The Ecobank Personal Loan is a multi-purpose loan with a variety of repayment choices and the ability to access additional funds once the loan has been repaid. For student debts, this is also a viable alternative.

6. Ecobank Salary Advance Loan

Because it helps you to receive money quickly in an emergency, this is one of the most popular loans. This loan type allows employees of an approved company to borrow up to 40% of their net monthly wage. As a result, because it’s a 30-day overdraft loan. Ecobank Loan in Nigeria

7. Ecobank Travel Loan

By providing discounts on plane tickets and hotel accommodations, the Ecobank plc Travel Loan makes it easier to budget for your vacation.

What are Ecobank’s contact details?

For additional information or to report a problem, please contact Ecobank at:

@groupecobank on Twitter.

Leave comments or messages on the Ecobank page on Facebook.

+234808760 3717 (WhatsApp).

+2347005000000, +2348003262265 are the phone numbers.


Individuals and small enterprises looking to expand can take advantage of Ecobank’s lending products. You must, however, meet a number of features, advantages, and eligibility restrictions, depending on the type of loan. As a result, you can apply for your preferred loan at any of their nearby sites.

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