Npower Batch C2 To Receive 3 Months Stipends This Week – Zainab Ahmed

The Npower management has given an update on the payment of beneficiaries’ stipends for the months of October, November, and December 2022.

Beneficiaries should take note that the delay is a result of unavoidable and unanticipated difficulties, such as technical procedures and the mopping up of funds at the end of the fiscal year, according to Npower management.

However, Npower recipients have been assured by Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Sadiya Umar Farouq that considerable strides have been made in fixing these challenges, and money would be delivered this week.

Please rest assured that all unpaid stipends for recipients who are graduates and non-graduates will be paid soon. Your struggle matters a great deal and is much appreciated, especially in these difficult times.

In order to continue serving our great nation in your primary assignments and, in the case of non-graduates, to be completing your training, we ask that you do so with composure and understanding while we make every attempt to find a solution to this delay.

The Minister finished by praising the Npower program participants for their customary dedication and collaboration.

6 thoughts on “Npower Batch C2 To Receive 3 Months Stipends This Week – Zainab Ahmed”

  1. Where is the money? She only paid October, instead of paying three months like she promised. Things were not bad when Prof. Osibanjo was in charge. Please release npower money madam!!!

  2. Bloody liar,we only receive one month pay and not three month like u claimed. Federal government please do something oo, this woman only paid one month and she’s lying that she paid three month. May God forgive you for lying this much

  3. What you’re only capable of is to promise and fail the people. You did it to the 1st batch too. May God reward you and you team accordingly

  4. Please madam stop repeating words and let ur actions speak to us , we have been hearing this same statement everyday since this yr, up ur game please


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